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Ensemble Video is a powerful online video platform for Kellogg Community College. Use Ensemble Video to enhance teaching, learning and communication across the institution. You can also use Ensemble Video to excite visitors, recruit students and promote KCC while managing all your media in an easy-to-use video library.


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Log in to the Ensemble server using your k-IDand universal password.


Use the Copyright Library Guide for important information regarding Copyright laws.

Still need copyright help?

Contact Kassie Dunham for help navigating through copyright at ext. 2613 or dunhamk@kellogg.edu.


Press Play to Watch Video

Step 1: Click on the +Add button to open the Add / Edit Wizard.

Add or bulk upload videos

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Step 2: Enter Description: Title, Copyright, Date Produced, Description and Key Words.

Enter Description

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Step 3: Enter Credits (optional).

Enter Credits

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Step 4: Select Files

  • You can add files through Drag and Drop or use the Add Files button to select files from your computer.
  • Click Start Upload when you are ready to upload your file. The uploading status bar will advance as it uploads.

Upload video

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Step 5: Option to share in different Libraries (you must have access to other Libraries prior to sharing). Users, Groups, Social Sharing Tools, Schedule Publishing Options.


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To preview a video or image gallery, click on the content’s title or thumbnail in the Media Library. A pop-up window with a player will open.




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To download a video, click the Download button under the video thumbnail in the Media Library. Your browser will prompt you to either open or download the video.


Embed Video to External Website – Including Moodle


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The embed window offers several options for configuring your embed code. First, select a Mode.

The iFrame Responsive option is selected by default. The iFrame or JavaScript options offer the same features. Both options are available in case one conflicts with the new location.

Use a Responsive option with a flexible player that is responsive to its setting. Use a non-responsive option if you would prefer to specify a specific or fixed size.

To include social tools, attachments or annotations in the player, click the check box for the option. For more options, see advanced settings.



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Click the Permalink button to generate a static and permanent hyperlink for an item in the Media Library. The permalink can be copied & pasted anywhere you would like to share it. This option is only available if the content has been published.

Using the Embed button, you can generate an HTML code to copy & paste into a platform outside of Ensemble, such as your forward-facing website or LMS. This option is only available if the content has been published.

Changing the Thumbnail of Your Video


  Press Play to Watch Video

The Images option allows you to choose the preview and thumbnail image for a video. You can also upload additional images to create an image gallery or update the preview / thumbnail images.


Using the Dropbox tool, you can set up an Audio or Video Dropbox so that students can submit media to you without having to login to the Streaming Server.

  1. Creating a Dropbox – To access the Dropbox tool, click on Administration > Library > Dropbox
  2. Click the +Add button to create one and name the assignment. URL – Enter your course/section
    1. Name the assignment.
    2. URL – Enter your course / section to identify them.
    3. Description – enter in the details of the assignment.
  3. Give your student the highlighted code from above (#2).


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Student Video Dropbox

Did your instructor ask you to record a video and post it to a link?Dropbox link

If so, Kellogg Community College has its own Streaming Media Server called Ensemble. This is our private server, similar to YouTube. Your videos will not be shared with anyone outside of the institution. At the end of the semester, your video will be removed from the server.

Click on the link that your instructor provided you, whether it was posted in Moodle, Team Site, or through an email.

Example Video Link: https://ensemble.kellogg.edu/Dropbox/Assignmentname


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Once you click on the link from above, you will be directed to a new webpage.

*Required fields on the form:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Content Title (follow the teacher’s instructions for naming convention)
  • Optional Description
  • Optional Keywords

Either drag or drop your video file, or you may click on “Add File” and browse to your file location.

Finally, click on “Start Upload.” This will complete your video file upload.

Request an Account

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