Moodle is an example of course technology used to provide students with course information, assignments, activities and/or grade information. Students and Instructors access Moodle through the Bruin Portal, and are able to access their course from anywhere using an Internet connection. If you need help logging into the Bruin Portal, please visit:

Moodle Use at Home

Click here to try the technology testing tool available from the Michigan Colleges Online (MCO). Scroll down the page and click on the button: “Is My Technology Ready?” and then on “Detect My Technology“. If you find anything missing from your computer, you may need to download some updates. Here are some verified links to technology most instructors use

Need Help? Click on the link below for instructions

Make Course Available
Change the Grade Letter Scale
Submit your Final Grades
Submit your Final Grades with a combined course (two sections, one Moodle course)
Export your Gradebook
Request a Course – if you would like content moved from one semester to another.

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How to make your course available

Instructors have the option of opening the course up early for students. They can open the course up to one-week prior to the official start date. But cannot require ANY TYPE of work to be done prior to the first day of class.

KCC Moodle Course Availability Help
Step 1. Login to your course, locate the Course Administration at the top of the page, hover over it with your mouse until the menu drops down and click on Edit settings.

Optional you may open the course up to one week prior to the official start date.

Course Administration edit settings image
Step 2. From the General tab, locate the Course visibility drop down menu and change it from Hide to Show. This will make the course available to the student when they login to the Bruin Portal. Course visibility show image
Step 3. At the bottom of the page click on the Save and display button. Your course is now available for them to access it. save and display image

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How to change the Grade Letter Scale

Change the Grade Letter Scale
Step 1. Login to your course and navigate to the Grades from the Navigation block. Grades link image
Step 2. From anywhere inside the gradebook, you will need to click on Letters at the top of the page. Letters link image
Step 3. Click on Edit or Edit grade letters both go to the same edit screen. Edit grade letters image
Step 4. You must place a check in the box for Override site defaults before the system will allow you to change the percentages. Enter the lowest possible percentage for the letter grade. Please remember to leave “F” at zero. Save Changes when finished. Override site defaults image

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Submit Final Grades

If you are using Moodle for your Gradebook, you can submit the final grades with three easy steps.

KCC Moodle Final Grades Help
Step 1. Locate the Moodle ILP block, typically towards the bottom right of the course and click on Final Grades. Final grades link image
Step 2. Change the Visible groups from All participants to your course, then using the drop down to Populate final grade from current grade. This will only submit the final grade column that does not contain the percentages. You will have the ability to change the letter grade, if desired, prior to submission.

All “F” grades must have the last date of attendance entered, otherwise the system will not accept the “F” grade.

Final Grades image
Step 3. Verify everything is correct, corrections once submitted are done through a Change of Grade which is found in Retention Alert. Click the Submit Grades button at the page.

Grades are verified within minutes and view-able in the Portal within an hour.

Retention Alert – Change of Grades Help.

Submit final grade image
Note: If you do not enter the last date of attendance information as indicated with an “F” grade, those grades will not be posted in the system and you will be notified via email that grades are still missing the last date of attendance information. Your grades are not considered submitted until you have submitted this information. Please check your college email 24 hours after grade submission to confirm that you have no errors. Or you can check with your department chair, they should be able to look up that information for you within an hour of submission.

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Final Grades through Self-Service

If you use a gradebook outside of the default Moodle gradebook or have combined sections.

KCC Moodle Final Grades – Combined Sections Help
Combined courses are two separate courses (18/FA BIOL-201-01 & 18/FA BIOL-201-02) that use one Moodle course (18/FA BIOL-201-01/02). Some sections have been combined due the fact they have separate lectures but will have the same lab times. These grades must be entered in manually into the Bruin Portal – Faculty.
Step 1. Login to the Bruin Portal and click on the Faculty web part. Bruin Portal Faculty web part image
Step 2. Click on the class you wish to put the final grades into. Class list image
Step 3. Click on Grading then on Final Grade Grading final grades link image
Step 4. Using the drop down menu for Final Grade, select the appropriate grade for the student. If an “F” is entered, then the Last Date of Attendance will need to be entered.

This is Real Time Grading as soon as you click the letter grade, there is 30 second window after selecting the grade for a student. Please make sure you have the grade letters set on a separate window or paper as you move through your grade entry.

Final grades image

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Export Gradebook to Chair

Director & Chairs of departments will need an exported gradebook from the instructor.

KCC Moodle Export Grades Help
Step 1. Under the Navigation block on the left side of the screen, click on Grades. Grades link in the Navigation block image
Step 2. Click on the Export link. Grade Export link image
Step 3. Leave everything checked and scroll to the bottom of the page, click on Download. Download button for Exporting gradebook image
Step 4. Depending on the Internet browser you are using, you may have to save the file prior to viewing it. Different browsers saves image
Step 5. Open your KCC email through the Bruin Portal and attach the grade export file. Then send it to your department chair or department secretary.

1. Click on New mail
2. Select recipients – (department chair and/or department secretary)
3. Subject line should read semester-course-section-grades (18FA-FYS-101-100 Grades)
4. Click on Insert

New email and attaching file image

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