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learn-button The I.S. Department provides instructional technology training for faculty and staff. You may contact Ron Coller at ext. 2387 or to schedule individual training on any technology used on campus.

KCC Phone Support16 button phone

This is referred to as a 16 button phone. Some have eight buttons, but the features are the same.

Click here for a printable Phone Support guide.

Call Forwarding

Call Forward allows you to transfer your calls so they will ring to another extension. You cannot forward calls while your telephone is ringing.

Step 1: Press ‘Forward.’ Notice the black arrow flashing in the LCD indicator area.

Step 2: Dial the extension that you wish to forward your calls to.

Step 3: Press ‘Forward.’ Notice the black arrow remains on and steady.

To Cancel Forwarding

Step 1: Press ‘Forward.’ Notice the black arrow turns off.

To Reinstate Call Forward to the Same Number

Step 1: Press ‘Forward’ twice. Notice the black arrow turns on again.

Conference Call

You can set up a conference call with up to three (or six) persons, including yourself. To set up a conference call, follow the steps below.

Step 1: While on a call, press [Conference]. The other party is on hold and you will hear a dial tone.

Step 2: Dial the next number to add to the conference. When the call is answered, you may talk privately with the other person before they join the conference. If they do not answer, press your extension button.

Step 3: Press [Conference] again to join all callers.

Step 4: If necessary, repeat the procedure to include up to three (or six) persons in the conference.

Display Features

When you are on an active call, you can identify a second incoming caller with the ‘Display’ feature. This feature differentiates between external and internal calls. For internal calls, it also displays the caller’s identity. To view the name of a second caller while on a call in progress, follow the steps below.

Step 1: While on a call, you will hear the tone of the second call, then press ‘Display’.

Step 2: Press the DN (directory number) key beside the black flashing arrow indicated in the LCD area. The caller’s name is displayed in the Display Module.

Note: Displaying the second caller’s name does not interfere with the current call in progress.

Forward Messages

Forwarding a message allows you to send the message from your voicemail to someone else.

Step 1: After hearing the message, press 73 to forward.

Step 2: Enter the mailbox number or phone number to which you want to forward the message to, then press #. Repeat this step for any other mailbox numbers or phone numbers. End by pressing #.

Step 3: To record an introduction, press 5, wait for the tone, and then speak. End the recording by pressing #.

Step 4: To send the message, press 79.

Last Number Called

Last number redial allows you to automatically redial the last number you dialed.

Step 1: Lift the handset.

Step 2: Press the extension key twice.

Temporary Absence Greeting

During the holiday season or vacation time, phone messages should be changed to a “Temporary Absence” greeting to inform callers of your limited availability. You can also set an expiration date for your temporary greeting to automatically change back to your regular greeting upon return.

Step 1: From your primary extension, press ‘Message’ and enter your extension number followed by #, enter your password followed by # and press 82 for greetings. Press 3 for “Temporary Absence” greeting.

Step 2: To record your “Temporary Absence” greeting, press 5 and wait for the tone before you start recording. When you’re done recording, press #.

Step 3: To replay your recording, press 2. If you are not happy with the recording and want to delete it, press 76. To re-record, follow step 2.

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the recording and do not wish to set up the expiry date and time and wish to exit, press 4. You will be notified that the temporary greeting will not expire automatically. It will be played to callers until it is deleted. Remember upon returning from the holiday or vacation break that you will need to delete the temporary greeting. To do so, follow Steps 1 and 3.

Step 5: If you are satisfied with the recording and want to set up the expiry date and time, press 9. Enter the month, day and time (e.g. June 25th at 8 a.m.). For example, June=06#, 25th=25# and 8=8#. You will be asked for AM=1 and PM=2. After entering the date and time, the recording will recite the desired expiration date. When this is complete, press 4 to exit.

Transferring a Call

Call Transfer allows you to direct a call to another number.

Step 1: To transfer a call while on a call, press ‘Transfer.’ The call is placed on hold and you hear a dial tone.

Step 2: Dial the number to which you wish to transfer the call to.

Step 3: Press ‘Transfer’ again, either when you hear the ringback/ringtone or after you talk privately to the person to whom you are transferring the call to.

Voicemail Password

For security reasons, you should change your password from the one you were first assigned. After that, you can change your password as often as desired. Keep your mailbox secure by choosing passwords that are not easily discovered.

Step 1: From your primary extension, press ‘Message’ and enter your extension number followed by #, enter your password followed by #, and press 84 to change your password.

Step 2: You will hear a recording asking to authorize the change. Please enter your old password followed by the # sign.

Step 3: Enter a new password followed by the # sign (your password may be from 4 to 16 numbers or letters, excluding the characters # and *). You will need to enter the new password a second time followed by the # sign. This will change your password.

Note: If your password expires, follow these steps for changing a password. If you are unable to change your password, please contact the Help Desk at ext. 4148.

Checking Voicemail from Another Phone on or off Campus

Logging in means accessing your mailbox in the Voice Messaging System, so that you can play your messages and use all the Voice Messaging features. When you are away from your phone, you can access your mailbox from any phone.

Step 1: You can either dial the Voice Messaging access number (4130 on campus or 269-965-4130 off campus) or press ‘Message’ and enter your extension number followed by # and enter your password followed by #. This will give you access to your Voice Messaging System.

Step 2: Once you are logged in to your Voice Messaging System, you can use the features as if you were at your own phone.