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Moodle is an example of course technology used to provide students with course information, assignments, activities and/or grade information. Students access Moodle through the Bruin Portal, and are able to access their course from anywhere using an Internet connection.  If you need help logging into the Bruin Portal, please visit:

Moodle Use at home

Click here to try the technology testing tool available from the Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative (MCCVLC). Scroll down the page and click on the button: “Is My Technology Ready?” and then on “Detect My Technology“.

Free Software

If you find anything missing from your computer, you may need to download some updates. Here are verified links to technology most instructors require the student to use/have.


Assignments will vary from course to course, some will allow for online text, others and more communally have a place to upload a document. Please be sure to read the instruction of the assignment. Most instructors want you to submit either a .pdf or .rtf file. Once you click on the assignment from the course main page, this will allow you to either type in a text box, or add submission. Clicking on add submission you may drag and drop your file on the the blue arrow or you may click on the blue arrow to open the file picker and browse to your file location for upload.


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To create a .pdf file, in our word processing software, click on “Save As” and change the file format to *.pdf (PDF)

Save as PDF

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To create an .rtf file, in your word processing software, click on “Save As” and change the file format to *.rtf (Rich Text Fromat) and upload that file to Moodle.

Save as (RTF) Rich Text Format

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Choose which post to reply to carefully

Reply to discussion

Example Forum Posting

Post Discussion


Add discussion

Click on a forum from the course main page, once inside the forum you will have a few different options, Add a new discussion topic, read or reply to postings.


See a grade in a forum


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View your grade two ways, one inside the forum if you instructor has chosen to grade within the forum. Some instructors place the grade directly into the gradebook.



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To view your grades you will need to hover over Course Administration from the Black bar at the top of the screen and then click on Grades.

User vs. Overview Report

View your grades

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The User Report will show your course grades for this course.
The Overview Report will show an overview of all your courses that are utilizing Moodle.

Running Grade


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Depending on how the instructor has the gradebook set up, you may see different from course to course. Some instructors will have a running gradebook, which means they show you grade as you go through the course.

Example: 2 weeks into the course, only one assignment has been completed, and you score a 100% on it. Your Grade total for the course is 100% “A”.


Real Grade

Running Gradebook

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Some instructors show the grade as a real grade, basically you are failing the course until you are over half way done with the course,
Example: Half way into the course, you have scored 100% on everything that was assigned, but your grade still shows an “F” this is because anything less than 59.99% = “F” in the gradebook. There is no way to get a 100% until the very last day of the course providing you have completed all the work at 100%.