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A choice activity is very simple – the teacher asks a question and specifies a choice of multiple responses. It can be useful as a quick poll to stimulate thinking about a topic; to allow the class to vote on a direction for the course; or to gather research consent.

Choice requires some preparation time for creating your activity and thinking about what results you would like to achieve, but your participation with activity itself is likely to be minimal.

Click here to view help with student responses - Choice-capabilities.html

Step 1 Editing

Login to course and Turn editing on, located in the Course administration.

Turn editing on

Step 2 Add

Click on the “Add an activity or resource” Add an activity or resource, there is a pop-up window that will have all the activities and resources listed.

Add an activity or Resource clickable link

Step 3 Name

The name that is typed here will form a link for the students to click on to enter the Choice, Introduction Text – Type the description of the choice activity here. It should contain the question that you want your students to answer. An example of the choice text could be “What is your favorite color?”

Name and introduction of Choice activity

Step 4 Options

List your Options to the Choice question in the space provided below. By default there are 5 Option/answers for the students to choose from, however there is an option of adding 3 more fields to the form as well at the bottom

Choice options image

Allow choice to be updated

If this is set to "Yes", students can change their mind after they have voted. If it's set to "No", students cannot change their choice.

Limit the number of responses

Enabling this option allows you to limit the number of participants who can select each particular choice. When that number has been reached, no one else can select that choice.

Warning!! If you unintentionally check this box but don't add a number then your students won't be able to select any choices and will get confused 


Specify here the options that participants have to choose from. They will become radio buttons when the choice is saved.

You can leave other options blank or click "Add 3 fields to form" to add more options.

If Limits is disabled, then any number of participants can select any of the options.

Step 5 Availability

This will allow you to set an opening and closing date and time for this choice activity.

Restrice answering to this time period

Restrict answering

    • If you check this box you can set an "open and close" date for your choice.

    • If you leave it, they can respond at any time.

Step 6 Results

Publish results

This determines whether (and when) the students will be able to view the results of the choice activity. They may:

    • never see the results of the choice

    • see the results only after they have given the answer themselves

    • see the results only after the closing date of the choice

    • always see the results

Privacy of results

If "Publish" was chosen above, then this drop-down in unlocked. You can decide whether to show names of students or merely the number who responded but without names.

Show column for unanswered

If set to "Yes", this will display a column showing how many participants have not answered the choice activity yet. If set to "No", the results will only include the participants who have already voted.

Choice results image

Step 7 Group Mode

When course group mode is turned on, the group mode can be one of three levels: No groups, Separate groups or Visible groups.

Common module settings or groups

Step 8 Restrict access settings

The restrict access section asks for the conditions when the activity (or resource) should be visible. This can be based upon dates, and/or score ranges of other activities and/or if other activities are considered completed. Note that ALL access restrictions (date, grade condition, activity completion condition) have to be met in order for the activity to be made available.

Restrict access image

Allow access from

The Access from date determines the day, month and year students may first access the activity via the assignment name link on the course page. To activate this option, click in the Enable check-box to add a tick.

Grade Condition

This setting determines any grade conditions which must be met in order for students to access the activity. Multiple grade conditions may be set using the 'Add 2 grade conditions to form' button. If there are multiples completion conditions applied to an activity, it will only be accessible to learners when all grade conditions are met.

Before activity can be accessed

Before a learner has fulfilled the the Grade Conditions specified above and the activity is still inaccessible to them, you can choose whether to show the activity grayed-out on the course page with the grade conditions listed (restriction information) or to hide the activity from learner view entirely.

Step 9 Save or Cancel

Save and return to course-Allows to save and go back to main Moodle page.

Save and display- Allows to save and display new page/activity.

Cancel- will not save any changes, and send back to main Moodle page.



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