Articulation Agreements

Students transferring to another post-secondary institution may be interested in taking advantage of an existing articulation agreement.  Articulation agreements serve as a binding agreement  between Kellogg Community College and another college or university, allowing for a seamless transfer of credit between the two institutions.

Credit when it’s due.  KCC also has several Reverse Transfer Agreements with Michigan universities, making it easier for students who have already transferred to earn their Associate’s Degree.  Contact Records/Registration for more information.

For more information about these articulation agreements or other transfer options, contact Academic Advising

Central Michigan University

CMU – AAS, Business Management

CMU – AAS, Business

CMU – AAS, Fire Science

CMU – AAS, Law Enforcement

Davenport University

Davenport College_Agreement_3+1

Davenport University_Articulation_Associate Degree

Franklin University

Franklin University_Articulation

Franklin University_Educational Alliance

Ferris State University

Ferris State University_Admission Status

Ferris State University_Agreement_Transfer

Ferris State University_Articulation_Transfer

Ferris State University_BS Dental Hygiene

Ferris State University_BS Medical Technology

Ferris State University_BS Molecular Diagnostics

Glen Oaks Community College

Glen Oaks Community College_Articulation_Dental Hygiene

Glen Oaks Community College_Articulation_Radiographer

Glen Oaks Community College_Articulation_Physical Therapy

Glen Oaks Community College_Articulation_Law Enforcement

Grand Valley State University

Grand Valley State University_Articulation_MRI

Jackson College

Jackson Community College_Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Kettering University

Kettering University_Articulation

Olivet College

Olivet College_Agreement_Transfer

Olivet College_Agreement_Transfer

Olivet College_Agreement_EDUC 204

Olivet College_Agreement_Dual Degree

Olivet College_Supplemetary Course Enrollment

Olivet College_Coop Elementary Eduation Certification

Olivet College_Agreement_Tuition

New Brunswick Community College

New Brunswick Community College_Understanding_eLearning

Siena Heights University

Siena Heights University_Agreement_Transfer

Tri-State University

Tri State University_Articulation_Criminal Justice

Tri State University_Articulation_Business

Tri State University_Articulation_Adult Career and Professional Program

Tri State University_Articulation_Admission Status

Walsh College

Walsh College_Articulation_Business Transfer

Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University_Articulation_ECE

Western Michigan University_Agreement_Honors

Western Michigan University_Agreement_Engineering

Western Michigan University_Agreement_BS in Aviation

Western Michigan University_Cooperation_Joint Program Plan

Western Michigan University_Articulation_Family Studies and Child Dev

Western Michigan University_Articulation_EDUC