Bookstore FAQs

This page is currently under construction. Click here to view the Bruin Bookstore’s current website.

Please read the following for answers to frequently asked questions about KCC’s Bruin Bookstore. For more information, contact the bookstore at 269-965-4128.

Do I need to create a bookstore account before ordering online?

New customers must setup an account before purchasing online. If this is your first time ordering from KCC’s Bruin Bookstore, you can create an account by clicking here. You can also create an accoutn by clicking “Register Here” during checkout.

What is your order delivery time?

Once an order is processed, delivery times will be estimated at one to five business days. Please remember that there may be delays due to weather or holidays. Most orders are processed within 48 business hours (weekends and holidays excluded). Due to the large volume of orders, please allow an additional seven to 10 working days for all orders placed near the start of each semester. Orders received on Saturdays, Sundays and on all holidays will be processed on the next business day. Customers will receive an email confirmation when their order has been shipped.

All shipments are sent via FedEx Home Delivery, which operates from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping costs are based on a flat rate of $15 plus $1 for each book. For example, for an order of three books, total shipping would be $18.

I selected USED as my “NEW/USED Preference,” but my total cost is for all NEW books. Did I do something wrong?

The total cost is ALWAYS based on new books, regardless of selected preference. This is because our new and used textbook selection is limited and always changing. The new textbook price is the most you will have to pay.

How do I use my financial aid?

On the “Payment Options” page, select “Financial Aid” and insert your seven-digit student number without the “K” in the account number box. Then check the verification box that authorizes the use of your financial aid funds. If your financial aid funds are not available, the bookstore will contact you before processing your order.

What if my books are more than the amount of financial aid I have been awarded?

The bookstore will contact you on how to process your order further.

When will my order be posted to my credit card account?

Orders should show on customer accounts within three days.

What happens if my instructor changes or adds books?

If an instructor changes the books for a class before the books have been shipped, we will follow the “Order Update Action” selected under “Order Preferences” when the order was placed. If the books have been shipped, please refer to the Bruin Bookstore Refund Policy.

What happens if my course is canceled or I decide to drop the course?

Please see the Bruin Bookstore Refund Policy.

Can I pick my online order up at the bookstore?

No. At this time, all online orders must be shipped.