Employment Services for Students and Alumni

Work Study Program (Current Students Only)

If you qualify for financial aid, you may also qualify for the Work Study Program. This program pays students to work for public, nonprofit community service agencies, and on-campus. The program provides students the opportunity to earn an excellent wage while gaining valuable work experience. To learn more about this program contact the CES office at 269-965-3931 ext. 2636 or jobhelp@kellogg.edu

On Campus Positions (Current Students Only)

If you have little or no work experience, consider an on-campus position. On-campus employment is great for building a resume. On-campus employers will take the time to work with you to build critical job-related skills. On-campus employers also understand that school comes first for you and they recognize the need for flexible schedules.

College Central Network (Students/Alumni)

All job openings received by Kellogg Community College are posted on College Central. College Central is an on-line job search website designed specifically for Kellogg Community College students and alumni. Students and alumni may complete an on-line profile and upload a resume for employers to view. Employers interested in hiring Kellogg Community College students and alumni can post their job openings and view resumes.

Job Search Planning (Students/Alumni)

The job search process is long and arduous. Let’s face it. It’s a job! Like any job, you need to learn the basics. Kellogg Community College Student Employment Services can help you learn the basics. We make your job search fast, efficient and FUN! The job search process starts with designing a resume. You will pull together a list of job leads and develop a networking plan. Then it’s time for the interview.

Resume Writing (Students/Alumni)

The resume is often the first and only glimpse an employer has of your qualifications. However, the average employer spends less than 30 seconds reviewing your resume. So, how do you make sure the employers knows at a glance that you are the best person for the job? We will help you design a well structured, comprehensive, targeted resume.

Interview Assistance (Students/Alumni)

Many people think the interview is a one-time opportunity to meet and talk with an employer. But really, it’s a process. There are a number of steps leading up to the actual interview and following the interview. If you miss one of these steps, it may cost you the job. We ’ll take you through the vital steps in the interview process. We can even videotape a mock interview and provide critical feedback.

Job Lead Development (Students/Alumni)

So, you are searching the classifieds for a job. Do you know you are viewing only about 10% of the job openings available? The rest are underground in what we call the hidden job market. We’ll help you explore the hidden job market, develop a comprehensive list of job lead sources, and teach you the best way to develop solid job leads—by networking!

On-Campus Recruiting (Students/Alumni)

Drumming up interviews is harder than you think. So, Kellogg Community College Student Employment services is doing half the work for you. As employers call us with job leads, we offer them the opportunity to come on campus and talk with students. We only schedule employers with immediate job openings for on-campus interviews. On-campus interview are an excellent way to practice your interviewing skills and begin the job search networking process.

Targeted Job Fairs (Students/Alumni)

In today’s competitive job market, when you send a “blind” resume, it will most likely end up in the circular file. Make a contact that is worth your time and effort. Attend a job fair, which targets a specific industry to ensure that employers and job seekers can find each other quickly and easily.

Work Experience Programs (Current Students Only)

Career preparation involves much more than simply attending classes. A solid resume should demonstrate comprehensive training AND extensive work experience. Work experience programs include Internships, job shadowing, co-ops, student employment, community service, volunteer positions, on-the-job training, etc.

Employment Resource Center (Students/Alumni)

Do you have everything you need to start your job search? We do! The Employment Resource Center is your complete job search office offering computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, and telephones. The center also has various publications and directories on local, regional and national employers. Books, CD-ROMs and videos detailing the job search process are available for reference.