For Students

Requesting Accommodations

Please follow these steps if you are requesting reasonable accommodations for your disability for the first time.

1. Disclose your disability to the Support Services department. To do this, you will need to:

  • Fill out the Intake Form and
  • Provide documentation of your disability to Support Services:
    • Documentation must be signed and dated by a qualified health professional;
    • Documentation must be no more than five years old and must include
      • A clearly stated diagnosis of the disability;
      • The methods or tests used for the diagnosis; and<
      • Specific recommendations for accommodations in a higher education environment;
    • Print this letter (in PDF format) and take it to your health professional to request this information;
    • The documentation can be mailed or faxed by the professional to Support Services; you could also bring it in person if you have it in your possession.

2. Support Services will evaluate your documentation. If the documentation is not sufficient, our office will notify you that additional documentation will be needed to establish that you qualify for disability services.

3. Support Services will notify you what reasonable accommodations you are eligible to receive. We will also notify your instructors of the reasonable accommodations you may be provided if you are currently registered for classes.

4. Please note: At the beginning of each semester, Support Services will automatically notify your instructors that you have a disability for which you are receiving reasonable accommodations and list the reasonable accommodations you are eligible to receive.

Receiving Accommodations

Even though you have completed the process of requesting accommodation for your disability, and your instructors are automatically notified of your accommodations, you will not automatically receive accommodations! For each course each semester, you need to speak with your instructor and/or with Support Services to take advantage of the accommodations you for which qualify.

Please follow these steps if you wish to receive reasonable accommodations for your disability for a specific course:

  1. Disclose your disability to the course instructor. While we cannot require you to share details of your disability with your instructor, we encourage you to speak honestly about your disability and needs. (Instructors receive notification of your accommodations, but not of your diagnosis or disability.)
  2. Contact Support Services to ask for accommodations for the specific class. (In some instances, your instructor may be able to supply you directly with your approved accommodations.) If your request involves alternative text formats or assistive technology, there may be a waiting period while we procure the item you need–plan accordingly and contact us early!