What is Tutoring?Smiling students in Anatomy Lab

Tutoring is individualized assistance from a qualified peer or professional who obtained a level of competency in the subject area.

When Do I Need Tutoring?

Discuss course concerns with your instructor

  • After following suggestions request a tutor if you still need help
  • If your instructor recommends tutoring – request a tutor

What is the tutoring policy?

  • You must be a KCC student
  • You must be currently enrolled in the class you are requesting tutoring for
  • You have met course prerequisites
  • You have attended class regularly
  • You have talked with your professor – (to provide the best assistance, we may also contact your professor)
  • Weekly tutoring hours may not exceed total credit hours of the course
  • If you miss two tutoring sessions without prior notification, your tutoring will be canceled
  • Behavior problems may result in termination of tutoring services
  • All tutoring MUST take place in a public setting
  • We will do our best to accommodate all requests. It is important to note that not all tutoring is done one-to-one. You may also be in a session with more than one student in the same course.

Free tutoring is also available at The Bridge!

Tutoring Schedule

For the latest tutoring schedule, SU.14-Open-Lab-Schedule.

Helpful Tips

  • Attend class regularly
  • Work individually with your instructor during office hours
  • Do all course homework prior to class
  • Take good notes during lectures Visit The Bridge for assistance with note taking and study skills
  • Tape record lectures (per professor permission)
  • Form a study group w/others in your class
  • Practice effective time management Set goals, prioritize, organize & plan ahead (use a schedule or calendar)
  • Use Resources Available to you Classmates, coworkers, family & friends. Kellogg Community College provides several options for students as well, which include: Learning Resource Center, The Bridge, Support Services
  • Get comfortable with technology
  • Time management and research are a big part of student life, understanding how to properly use technology will create much better use of your time
  • KCC offers free academic workshops to help you brush up on computer basics. Feel free to attend as many of these workshops as you’d like.

Contact us

Phone: 269-965-3931 ext. 2392

Email: tutoring@kellogg.edu

Visit: O-207