Submit a Test Using the KCC Work Order System

1. Login to KCC’s Work Order System

  • Go to
  • Select “On Campus” or “Off Campus” depending on where you are located
  • Log in to the work order system
  • Select “Add a New Work Order”

2. Complete Work Order

  • Summary: Short summary of test submission
  • Call Back Number: Your phone number
  • Priority: How soon should this be completed
  • Type: Academic Testing
  • Sub-type: Submit a Test
  • Category: None
  • Notes: The notes section MUST be filled out with the information below.

    Notes Section

    • Open Note Section for Workorder
    • Fill in appropriate fields for testing criteria
    • Copy and paste document contents in “Notes Section”
    • OR – Attach the Word Document template to your work order by using the “Attach” button
    • Download and save: Template

3. Attach the test to the Work Order

Sample Work Order