Online Learner Orientation

The Online Learner Orientation is a one-time prerequisite course for students taking online courses. This course should take approximately 20 minutes to complete and will help you navigate through Moodle.  Grades will be posted within 24 hours each business day.

Now that you know, what do you do?


  1. Log in to the Bruin Portal.
  2. In the “KCC Self-Service Center,” click on “Search and Register for Classes/Student Planning.”
  3. Under “Search for Courses and Course Section,” click on “Online Learner Orientation.”
  4. Click on “View Available Sections for KCCS-C100,” select available course and click on “Add Section to Schedule.”
  5. Click the “Student Planning” tab and click on “Plan and Schedule.”
  6. Click on the course in your plan and then click on the register in the box on the left. Your course should turn from yellow to green.

Get Started

  1. The course will appear in the Bruin Portal in the My Classes box (this may take up to 20 minutes after registration).
  2. Click on the course title (for example, 15/SP Online Learner Orientation (KCCS C100-90)). This link will take you to Moodle.
  3. Click on the course title again from within Moodle. This will take you into the course.
  4. Once in the course, you will see only one link: “Lesson 1: Getting Started.”
  5. If you are still having difficulty registering, please contact the Registrar’s office at 269-965-5522. For assistance with technical issues, please contact the Help Desk at 269-965-4148.
  6. This course must be completed prior to registration of any KCC online course. Grades are posted within 24 hours each business day.

Need More Information?

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