Accounting Tutoring

To use KCC Accounting Tutoring at The Bridge, you must be a currently enrolled KCC student. Our paraprofessionals can help you improve in the areas you choose to work on and build confidence in your work.

Walk-in Tutoring

View our Accounting Tutoring Schedule.

Online Tutoring

Need an accounting tutor and can’t make it to the main campus? If you are currently enrolled as a KCC student, you may take advantage of our online tutoring in three easy steps.

  1. Click here to schedule an appointment by following the prompts through the Schedule Accounting Tutoring interface. You can schedule using a computer, smartphone or tablet.
  2. Receive your confirmation email with access information.
  3. Sign in to the World Wide Whiteboard at the designated time using information in your email confirmation.

KCC’s interactive accounting tutoring utilizes the World Wide Whiteboard (WWWB), a web-based tool used during specific appointment times with an accounting tutor in real time. To participate in the WWWB, you will need a reliable internet connection as well as a computer or mobile device (iPads and Android tablets can be used).

By logging into the World Wide Whiteboard and using KCC’s online tutoring, you hereby agree that you are a student at Kellogg Community College and are enrolled in the class for which you are requesting tutoring assistance. You also agree it is not the responsibility of the paraprofessional to check your entire work for accuracy. Though our paraprofessionals cannot guarantee a specific grade, they can help you to improve in the areas you choose to work on and build confidence in your work.