Step 6: New Student Orientation

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New Student Orientation is a great way to learn about the campus, meet other students, interact with potential instructors, and receive information about how various departments can help you achieve your goals! Please remember, if you are a new student, orientation is mandatory.

Once you have registered for classes, Click here to schedule a date for a New Student Orientation. Upon arrival to the Events Calendar (where the link takes you), please select “New Student Orientation” in the “Event Category” section, then click “Search”. This will show you a list of available New Student Orientation dates and times. Select the desired event and follow the prompts.

The day of your scheduled orientation, please report to room 201 the Davidson Building on the Battle Creek campus, located at 450 North Ave. Click here to view a map of the campus. Previous to your scheduled orientation, you will receive a confirmation email sent to your KCC email address with the above-mentioned information.