Visitors & Reservations

Campus Postings

Student Life maintains public bulletin boards on the Battle Creek campus. Students, faculty, and staff can submit requests for postings. Requests to post non-college related information can be submitted and will be posted if space permits. Priority is granted to KCC-related postings. Bulletin boards are updated at least once each week during the academic year. Postings will remain posted for a maximum of 30 calendar days; once removed from the bulletin boards, postings are recycled. Unauthorized postings will be removed and discarded without notification.

Room Reservations and Meeting Space

Registered student organizations (RSOs) can reserve rooms through their advisor or Student Life. When using space at KCC such as classrooms or conferences rooms for meetings, an advisor must be present; if an advisor cannot attend, RSOs may use any public space at KCC (i.e. Student Center) to meet without an advisor. RSO members and officers should discuss room reservations with the advisor; the advisor or Student Life will make the official request following the established guidelines put forth by the Scheduling Manager. When making a request, be sure to have made the following considerations:

  • Number of people expected
  • If there will be food at the program/event (not all rooms allow for food)
  • Media needs
  • Location, especially for attendees who may not be familiar with campus

A request for a specific room can be made; however, there is no guarantee the request can be met.  KCC reserves the right to alter room reservations at any time in order to better meet the needs of the KCC community.

Table Request

RSOs and visitors wishing to set up a table in the Student Center must gain approval from Student Life in advance. Table Request forms are available in Student Life; allow ten (10) business days for processing. RSOs are expected to have tables staffed at all times. RSO requests are granted precedence over Visitor Requests.

Visitor Request Policy

To make a request, visitors must complete a Visitor Request form available in Student Life. Requests are granted on a first come first serve basis and are approved dependent on availability of space. Visitors must adhere to the KCC fundraising and solicitation policy (Refer to policy).

Solicitation Policy

Sponsoring agents, agencies, or individuals wishing to solicit funds or services from students on campus shall secure prior written authorization from the Student Life Manager. Authorization to solicit shall be contingent upon interest to the student body and solicitation technique(s) which is (are) not offensive or disruptive. The soliciting agent, agency, or individual shall be clearly identified and be solely responsible for the conduct of the solicitation. Authorized solicitation shall be confined to the pre-approved location(s) as determined by Student Life.