Scholarship FAQs

Here you will find some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the KCC Foundation’s scholarship process. Don’t see your answer here? Contact us anytime at [email protected]!

How can the scholarship application be completed and submitted? 

You can log in at and submit your application online.  You will need to complete an application to Kellogg Community College prior to your application for KCC Foundation scholarships. The application for 2022-2023 will be open through July 31, 2022.

How do I log in to for the first time? 

Visit and click Sign In, located in the upper right corner. You will log in using your KCC username and password.

Do I complete just one application and will the application be considered for more than one scholarship?  

Yes, you only need to complete one general application. Once this application is completed, the system auto-matches your scholarship application to the opportunities. You may be eligible for additional apply-to-scholarships. To apply for those scholarship opportunities, you will need to log back into the system and answer one to five additional questions depending on the scholarship criteria.  

When is the scholarship application due? 

The 2022-2023 scholarship application will open in December 2021 and be due as follows: 

Gold Key and Board of Trustees Application – March 1, 2022 by midnight
General Scholarship Application – priority deadline: March 1, 2022 by midnight. Extended deadline: July 31, 2022 by midnight.
Transfer and Danette Wilkins Application – April 1, 2022 by midnight
Summer 2022 Scholarship Application – May 1, 2022

Following these dates, scholarship applications may be reviewed once per semester based on the availability and criteria of funds. 

Do I need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be eligible for a KCC Foundation Scholarship? 

No.  While it is highly encouraged to complete the FAFSA, it is not required in order to be considered for a scholarship.  You will be asked to provide financial information on the application. 

Does my scholarship carry over with me from year to year? 

You are required to reapply each year. If you receive a renewable scholarship, you will need to login, update your information, and complete a new Post-Acceptance Form for each award. 

When will I be notified that I have been awarded a scholarship? 

Scholarship applications that were received by March 10, 2022 have been notified of their status. To check your status, log in to the Scholarship Portal.

Scholarship applications that were received after March 10, 2022, will be reviewed in August and should hear the status of their scholarship by August 20, 2022.

Students applying for a Transfer Scholarship, who submitted their application by April 1, 2022 have been notified of their status. To check your status, log in to the Scholarship Portal.

When will Financial Aid be notified of the scholarship awards? 

Scholarship information is sent to Financial Aid once a student has accepted their scholarship and completed Post-Acceptance Questions.

If I am awarded a scholarship, how will I know the amount and how is it applied to my tuition, fees and/or books? 

Each scholarship has a different award amount divided between Fall and Spring semesters. You will login to; there you can see your scholarship(s), award amounts, and accept your scholarship. Once you have accepted your scholarship and submitted your thank you note(s), your award information will be sent to Financial Aid.  

To apply the scholarship to your financial aid account, you will need to sign up for the Payment Plan after you register for classes. The scholarship(s) are typically applied to your tuition and fees first and any remaining balance can be used in the bookstore. Your scholarship awards will show as pending aid until after aid transmits (which is after the add/drop date.) 

How can I optimize my KCC Foundation awards? 

KCC Foundation Scholarship recipients can submit a request to: transfer unused scholarship dollars from one semester to another, change your status (i.e.: from full time to part time, or from one program to another), ask for the scholarship to pay before any other aid, and ask for a refund.  The requests are made by contacting the KCC Foundation; these forms are found at the bottom of the KCC Foundation Scholarships Website. Any requests are only for the Academic Year in which they were applied for and received.

I have questions about the Legacy Scholars program. Do you manage that? 

No. The KCC Foundation does not manage the Legacy Scholars program. The Legacy Scholars program, which supports students attending Battle Creek Public Schools, Lakeview School District and eligible students from Calhoun Community High School, is managed by the Battle Creek Community Foundation. Questions can be directed to (269) 962-2181. 

Can I apply for summer aid? 

Based on availability of funds, an Apply-To option will be available on the Scholarship Portal.

Will I get a refund check from the KCC Foundation Scholarships I received? 

KCC Foundation Scholarships are typically not set up to refund to the recipient. However, this is a donor specification and can vary from one scholarship to another.  

Will my scholarship award information be shared with others? 

Yes. In accordance with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) directory information may be released, including awards received. 

What happens to the scholarship if I do not enroll at KCC? 

If you do not enroll in a semester when the award is posted, then the scholarship award returns to the KCC Foundation to be re-awarded in the same or future semester within one academic year. 

How do I learn about scholarship guidelines and access the application? 

Please visit our scholarship website for detailed information.