Gifts Come in Many Forms

There are several options available to individuals, organizations and businesses to provide scholarship funds for deserving students or support for KCC programs and initiatives. Contributors are typically community members, faculty, staff, alumni and others who know the important difference a college education can make. Please contact the KCC Foundation to discuss ways your gift can make a difference or click Foundation Brochure 2021 for a KCC Foundation Giving Options brochure.

What are your giving goals?

What is your goal?How should you give?What are the benefits?
To make a one-time gift.Write a check or donate online!All donations are tax deductible and have an immediate impact on a KCC student.
To make an ongoing gift.You may set up automatic payments (monthly or annually) by donating online.Gifts of $1,500 and up can be named funds, tailored to your wishes. All donations are tax deductible, and these gifts may be made over time.
To leave a legacy after your lifetime.Indicate a bequest or future gift in your will, estate, trust, life insurance policy or retirement plan.This type of donation is eligible for an estate tax deduction. You will also be part of the Foundation's Heritage Circle.
To avoid long-term capital gains tax.Donate appreciated securities (stock, bonds, mutual funds) and real estate.All donations are tax deductible; you may also avoid capital gains tax.
Share your enjoyment of a collection of personal items.Donate tangible property, such as equipment, art, books, jewelry, antiques, automobiles, coin, stamps, and other valuable collectibles.All donations are tax deductible; these would be based on the appraised value of the item(s).

Endowed Gifts – Giving as a Tribute

Gifts to both general and specific endowment funds provide valuable annual income that allows KCC to respond to special needs and unique opportunities. Unrestricted gifts address emerging College priorities, while designated gifts support scholarships, specialized programs, equipment and facilities essential to maintaining academic excellence. a gift of  $10,000 and up, given in perpetuity, as a memorial or tribute, can establish an endowed scholarship or project fund. Such gifts are payable as a one-time donation or over five years.

Annual Gifts – Providing Essential Support

Setting up a scholarship or project fund at the KCC Foundation is easy and allows donors to make a positive impact in students’ lives. With a gift of $1,500 and up, donors are encouraged to “name” their fund and either tailor it specifically to their wishes or address the College’s most urgent needs. Even a smaller donation can help donors establish their College legacy by contributing to one of the existing funds that match their intentions.

Gold Key Gifts – Opening Doors

KCC’s Gold Key scholarships recognize and encourage outstanding academic and personal achievement of high school graduates. Gold Key donors agree to provide a gift of $4,500 for a student’s first and second years at Kellogg Community College.

Planned Gifts – Leaving a Legacy

Donors who have indicated a bequest or future gift in a will, an estate, trust, life insurance policy or retirement plan are included in the Foundation’s Heritage Circle and, if desired, on our donor recognition wall and in future publications.

Matching Gifts – Valuing Charitable Gifts

Matching gift programs are in place at many area businesses and organizations. It is not uncommon for companies to double or even triple the value of an employee’s charitable contribution to the KCC Foundation. To begin a matching gift, please contact your company or organization Human Resource Administrator to obtain the necessary forms.

Other Gifts – Envisioning the Future

Although the most frequent method used to make a gift is a personal check, the KCC Foundation may accept gifts of appreciated securities, including stock, bonds and mutual funds; real estate; and tangible property such as equipment, art, books, jewelry, antiques, automobiles, coin, stamp and other collections which represent value.

Program Initiatives – Enriching Lives

The Foundation promotes and encourages gifts for specific program needs identified by KCC faculty, staff and retirees. Such additional monetary support serves to enrich the lives of the KCC student body by providing enhanced educational opportunities and experiences.

Special Events – Engaging the Community

Special events are held throughout the year and include “friend-raising” and scholarship fundraising activities. Events such as the annual Bruin Scholarship Open, Bid a Brighter Future auction and raffle, and a Celebration of Donors and Scholars give donors the chance to connect with the College.

If you are interested in making a gift to the KCC Foundation, go to Donate to Make a Difference