Program Initiative Grants

KCC employees have the opportunity to apply for a Program Initiative Grant through the KCC Foundation. These grants are awarded yearly based on innovative concepts, the grant’s ability to directly impact students and the connection between the College and Foundation missions. Grants are awarded based on availability of funds. Applicants must be employees of KCC and submit a Program Initiative Grant Guidelines and Application. The Program Initiative Grant is due annually on April 15 and October 15.

College projects supported by the KCC Foundation in 2020-2021:

Beginning Algebra Course Pack

In 2015 the course sequence for STEM students changed, and Intermediate Algebra was eliminated from the Course Sequence. In the new sequence, the transition from Beginning Algebra to College Algebra is quite a jump in rigor and has been difficult for some students to navigate. The math department has been working on improvements and experimenting with changes in the curriculum order which has improved student success. This new curriculum order is non-standard and doesn’t follow the traditional textbook order. This project funds the writing and development of a textbook replacement, to be written by Graham Smith and Sue Stetler.

Electrical Training Program for HVAC-R Applications

This proposal involves the purchase of an AMATROL AC/DC Electrical Trainer for use at the RMTC in the Industrial HVAC-R program. The current curriculum does not provide many opportunities for electrical specific learning. This technology affords the ability to develop small modules to help teach and provide real world and hands-on scenarios. After completion of the modules related to this trainer, it would be possible to assess the learning by going through check-out activities to provide the student has retained the information. Additionally, AMATROL has an online environment that can be utilized, allowing faculty to assign specific modules and monitor their progress in real time. Contact Andrew Redlon at the RMTC with questions.

Nursing Student Success Coach (pilot)

This project supports a Student Success Coach/Paraprofessional strategy specifically for Nursing students (paid via stipend.) For years, nursing students have requested a tutor; they need assistance with medical dosage calculations and NCLEX-style testing, specific to nursing and the state board exam for licensure. This position will support Nursing students over three semesters. Success will be determined by a number of metrics, including increase in successful completion rates of courses, increase in NCLEX Board scores, and decrease in attrition rates. Contact Liz Fluty in Nursing Education with questions. 

Post-KCC Survey – Service Learning and Continued Volunteering

This project supports a survey of a targeted population of former KCC students in an effort to identify the correlation and/or causation of continued volunteering after taking a KCC Service Learning course. This survey will be added as evidence that KCC has a Culture of Assessment that allows for the strengthening of programs and courses while adding to the narrative of KCC’s impact upon the community and return on investment of the college. Contact Jonathan Williams with questions! 

Virtual Study Abroad Opportunity

This project will support the Integrative Learning Department in their launch of a virtual study abroad optionThis program includes virtual live classrooms in the field, training workshops for faculty, learning materials as well as technological and instructional design support throughout the year. Their grant covers the purchase and implementation of certain technologies, including Google Daydream Goggles, Oculus Quest VR Goggles, Adobe Captivate, and GoPro cameras. This technology will be used for at least 1/3 of the virtual study abroad course, but Integrative Learning also sees additional co-curricular, extra-curricular and curricular uses for the products of this technology.  Contact Kathryn Coplin or Michelle Wright with questions.

Virtual Choir Performance

This project will support the Arts and Communication Department, Music Program, in continuing to offer choir performances while socially distancing. This project will fund two virtual choir performances, featuring KCC student and community choir members. One will be launched in March, with the final one to be launched around A Celebration of Performing Arts at KCC: A Virtual Gala, to be held on April 27, 2021. Contact Dr. Gerald Case-Blanchard with questions.