Program Initiative Grants

KCC employees have the opportunity to apply for a Program Initiative Grant through the KCC Foundation. These grants are awarded yearly based on innovative concepts, the grant’s ability to directly impact students and the connection between the College and Foundation missions. Grants are awarded based on availability of funds. Applicants must be employees of KCC and submit a Program Initiative Grant Guidelines and Application. The Program Initiative Grant is due annually on April 15 and October 15.

College projects supported by the KCC Foundation for 2021-2022:

Women’s Network Lending Library

The KCC Women’s Network, a chapter of the MI-ACE Women’s Network, is establishing a Lending Library for women-focused resources at the Emory Morris Library. This library will focus on books, documentaries and films to provoke purposeful reflection and conversation on past and current issues that impact women’s ability to professional success. The library will be open to anyone with a KCC ID, and can also be accessed by community members. This proposal wouldn’t be possible without the support of Kassie Dunham and Jennifer Ridge in the Emory Morris Library. Contact the Women’s Network (Carole Davis, Sara Reed) for more information.

A Day in the Life

This project supports the Admissions Department to host a “Day in the Life” Recruiting program. This program will target high school juniors and seniors from Lakeview Alternative, Calhoun Community High School, and W.K. Prep (three of the Legacy Scholarship Schools.) This program will be designed to help participants experience a day in the life of a college student by engaging in three mock lectures, learning about KCC and the Legacy Scholarship program, hearing from current KCC students, and participating in an interactive workgroup about major exploration. Contact Jenni Kotowski in Admissions with questions.

Nursing Student Success Coach (pilot)

This project supports a Student Success Coach/Paraprofessional strategy specifically for Nursing students (paid via stipend.) For years, nursing students have requested a tutor; they need assistance with medical dosage calculations and NCLEX-style testing, specific to nursing and the state board exam for licensure. This position will support Nursing students over three semesters. Success will be determined by a number of metrics, including increase in successful completion rates of courses, increase in NCLEX Board scores, and decrease in attrition rates. Contact Liz Fluty in Nursing Education with questions. This project is a carry over from 2020-2021 and is still ongoing.

Post-KCC Survey – Service Learning and Continued Volunteering

This project supports a survey of a targeted population of former KCC students in an effort to identify the correlation and/or causation of continued volunteering after taking a KCC Service Learning course. This survey will be added as evidence that KCC has a Culture of Assessment that allows for the strengthening of programs and courses while adding to the narrative of KCC’s impact upon the community and return on investment of the college. Contact Jonathan Williams with questions! This project is a carry over from 2020-2021 and is still ongoing.