Program Initiative Grants

KCC employees have the opportunity to apply for a Program Initiative Grant through the KCC Foundation. These grants are awarded yearly based on innovative concepts, the grant’s ability to directly impact students and the connection between the College and Foundation missions. Grants are awarded based on availability of funds. Applicants must be employees of KCC and submit a Program Initiative Grant Guidelines and Application, which is available through the link and in the Foundation office. The Program Initiative Grant is due annually on April 15 and October 15.

College projects supported by the KCC Foundation in 2019-2020:

Stress Management and Capstone (Nursing)

Over the past several years, the Nursing Department has noticed an increase in anxiety in their students. The faculty are hoping to provide additional resources to their students to help combat anxiety and stress; this stress management program offered by Elle Ingalls, will provide a three-step method to quickly and effectively reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm for improved mental and physical health and performance. The program will be delivered to graduating nursing students at Capstone (April), new nursing students at orientation (August) and KCC faculty and staff (August). Contact Temple Stovall in the Nursing Department with questions.

Blaze Goes to the RMTC

Following the success of Blaze Goes to College,” this proposal highlights more areas of KCC with Blaze Goes to the RMTC. This book would launch in October, in conjunction with National Manufacturing Month. The author and artist would remain the same, keeping a consistent look and feel for this series. The story would follow Blaze as he joins his female friend, Bella, and her mom at the RMTC. Contact Simon Thalmann in Public Information & Marketing with questions.

First Year Seminar Academic Planner and E-Book

For the 2019-2020 academic year, all participants in the First Year Seminar program will receive a Bruin Reminders academic planner, as well as a digital copy of Teach Yourself How to Learn: Strategies You Can Use to Ace Any Course at any Level by Sandra Yancy McGuire. The planner will help students apply what they are learning in the course, specifically from their time management section, as well as foster a community of planning and preparation. The book will be used over the course of the entire semester, and will provide additional support and resources for each segment. Contact Cindy Arizmendi in Academic Support with questions.

Flash Drive Information Toolkit

In an effort to increase access to resources, the library will be distributing Flash Drives pre-loaded with a ton of KCC specific resources. These resources include, but are not limited to, The Pocket Prof, essay templates for various citation styles, and information about other services around campus (Morris Library, The Bridge, Financial Aid, Counseling, Advising, etc.). The flashdrives will be distributed in two ways: all students participating in a First Year Seminar course will receive one; the library will also use some as prizes at various events, including Bruin Blast. Contact Rebekah Love in the Morris Library with questions.

My Favorite Intersection: A Photographic Documentary Project

This photo documentary project will highlight the four buildings at the intersection of Capital and Van Buren. A collaboration between a retired History Professor and a current Photography Professor, this project will highlight a variety of architectural styles (Graeco-Roman Romanesque and Gothic),, as well as the stained glass windows. This project will not only be used as part of a course, but will be used in other related courses, by the Lifelong Learning program, by the Historical Society and as an exhibit at the Art Center of Battle Creek. Thank you to Elizabeth Neumeyer for leading this proposal. Contact Ryan Flathau in the Art Department with questions.

Bruin Baskets Pilot Project

Food insecurity is a hardship that millions of people living in the United States face; community college students are not immune to this. This pilot program will introduce snack baskets, Bruin Baskets, in three locations on North Avenue campus (Whitmore, Davidson, and Miller) as well as in one regional location (RMTC.) These baskets will not have an intake process and will be in public locations so students, staff and other community members may take food as they need. The intent of these stations is to provide healthy food options that can be made right there (snack bars, add-hot-water entrees, nuts, etc.) to help everyone get through until they have a chance to get more food. This pilot program will run in Summer and Fall to determine a high-impact and low-impact time to fully balance the long-term effectiveness of a program like this. Thank you to Dr. Megan Ward for leading this proposal. Contact the KCC Foundation for questions on this project.

Interactive Cameras for Student Engagement

To enable the college to cost-effectively run certain courses at its regional sites and serve students in a more consistent manner, Learning Technologies will implement an interactive digital pilot project. Using web conferencing software and Owl Labs interactive cameras, faculty will be able to hold class sessions at one site while connecting and interacting with students at other sites. This will allow students to consistently have access to the courses required for their programs at a geographically convenient location thereby potentially increasing persistence, retention, and overall enrollment. This project, submitted by Tammy Douglas, will be piloted in Fall 2019.