Student Emergency Needs

At the KCC Foundation, we understand that our students have emergencies that arise outside of the classroom. KCC is committed to supporting students who may be facing any type of insecurity. This page provides information about our Beyond Tuition fund for student emergency needs as well as the Bruin Basket project.

Beyond Tuition fund

The Beyond Tuition fund offers limited emergency assistance for students experiencing barriers to academic success. Funds are awarded one-time and are not intended to be used for on-going expenses. For requests regarding student tuition, fees, and books at KCC, please contact the KCC Foundation to inquire about alternative scholarship availability, or click here for more information about student scholarships.

Examples of emergency financial assistance include, but are not limited to: transportation, housing, utility costs, fuel costs, car repairs, household supplies, past-due bills, bus tickets, clothing, food, school supplies, childcare, mental health and medical needs.

To apply for the Beyond Tuition grant, you must be a currently enrolled student at KCC and have a completed financial aid application on file. If you meet these criteria, please complete the Beyond Tuition Application and then visit the Center for Student Success in person. Be prepared to provide documentation to support your request, including invoices and/or receipts.

Bruin Basket initiative

Food insecurity is a hardship that millions of people living in the United States face; community college students are not immune to this. The Bruin Basket program, which launched in June of 2019, introduces free snack baskets with grab-and-go options for anyone in the KCC community that may need a little something extra to get through the day.

There is no registration or intake process in order to use the Bruin Basket – just take what you need, and leave what you can (if you are able.) Basket locations include: Whitmore Lobby, Miller Building, Davidson Building (lower level) and the RMTC.

Interested in making a donation to the Bruin Basket program? Below is a list of food items that will be featured at the Bruin Basket locations. Donations will be accepted at the KCC Foundation offices (Room 301, Roll Building), or by contacting us to set up a large pick-up. We can also take gift cards or monetary donations. To make a monetary donation online, click here and select Student Emergency Needs.

  • Fruit:
    Individual fruit cups
    Applesauce pouches
  • Starches:
    Macaroni and cheese (individual containers, microwave safe)
    Soups or noodles (individual containers, microwave safe)
    Cracker sandwiches
  • Breakfast items:
    Cereal bars
    Nutri-Grain bars
    Miniature muffins (pre-packaged)
    Oatmeal (individual containers, microwave safe)
  • On the Go snacks:
    Trail Mix
    Popcorn (individually, pre-popped bags)
    Granola bars
    Assorted nuts
  • Other:
    Disposable silverware