Logos, Guidelines & Forms

This page is for internal use by Kellogg Community College employees to offer guidance on KCC logo usage, brand standards and other style guidelines for use in official College materials in print and online. Logos may be downloaded by the media for press purposes.


Downloading KCC Logos

To download high-resolution zipped files of each logo for print, click on the file name below the image and save the image to your computer.

The logos are sized to approximately two inches wide and can be scaled to four inches wide. Please contact the Media Design Center if you need different sizes or resolutions.

KCC Logos

KCC logo black Kellogg Community College logo blue Kellogg Community College logo 2 color
Black KCC Logo (png)
Black KCC Logo (eps)
Black KCC Logo (jpg)
Blue KCC Logo (png)
Blue KCC Logo (eps)Blue KCC Logo (jpg)
Two-Color KCC Logo (png)
Two-Color KCC Logo (eps)
Two-Color KCC Logo (jpg)

Bruin Mascot

Bruins Mascot 2 color Bruins Mascot blue Bruin bear head blue
Two-Color Mascot (png)
Two-Color Mascot (eps)
Two-Color Mascot (jpg)
Blue Bruins Mascot (png)
Blue Bruins Mascot (eps)
Blue Bruins Mascot (jpg)
Blue Mascot Head (eps)
Blue Mascot Head (jpg)
Bruins Bear head blue Bruins word blue
Blue Bruins/Mascot Head (png)
Blue Bruins/Mascot Head (eps)
Blue Bruins/Mascot Head (jpg)
Blue Bruins (png)
Blue Bruins (eps)
Blue Bruins (jpg)

College Seal

Kellogg Community College Seal
Black KCC College Seal (png)
Black KCC College Seal (eps)
Black KCC College Seal (jpg)

Guidelines and Forms

Submit a Media Design work order.

The KCC Identity Manual highlights guidelines that must be followed when presenting the KCC logo, seal and mascot.

The KCC Style Guide includes references to common language usage questions related to the College and should be followed to maintain consistency in College communications.

An Image and Comment Release Form should be signed by any member of the public to be photographed or interviewed by College personnel for commercial purposes.

KCC Web Accessibility Guidelines

All College Web pages must be accessible to persons with disabilities and be in compliance with either Priority 1 Level Checkpoints of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 or Federal Rehabilitation Act Section 508, subsections 1194.1 through 1194.22 and subsection 1194.31. References to these guidelines are available online at:

Copyrighted Material

The use of copyrighted works on College Web pages without the written permission of the copyright owner is prohibited. You should assume that another person’s work is copyrighted whether or not it includes a copyright notice. This includes text, photographs, illustrations, graphics, audio, video and any other form of content.