KCC Operating Policies & Procedures

How a new policy is created:  Any employee, area/department head or other appropriate administrator at Kellogg Community College may propose a new policy or procedure affecting his/her area or department by routing the suggestion through administrative channels for evaluation and endorsement. Responsible Officer or designee, in consultation with impacted area/department head, subcommittee, or task force develops the new OP. Draft of new OP is sent to the next appropriate level for recommendations/feedback: Once the OP has been reviewed, changes (if necessary and/or applicable) have been made based on recommendations/feedback, final draft is submitted to the formal authority prior to submitting through the Office of the President for Board approval OPs will be presented to the Office of the President for final review through the appropriate Vice President prior to forwarding to the President’s Council for recommendation to the Board. Once the OP has been approved by the Board, the policy is routed to the Manager, Office of the President for assignment of numbering, then to the Office of Public Information and Marketing for final standard formatting, publication, and communication to the campus community. Public Information and Marketing will archive a digital copy of the new OP in the employee share drive.

In June 2020, Kellogg Community College began publishing its Operating Policies and Procedures on this web page. KCC policies are developed in alignment with a template that standardizes the College’s approach to policy development. As new or amended policies are approved by the Board of Trustees, they will be published online. Older policies approved prior to 2020 are available upon request from the office of the Vice President for Strategy, Relations and Communications.

Operating Policies