Public & Community Health

Kellogg Community College’s Department of Public Safety is also charged with overseeing public and community health for students, staff and visitors. The goal of KCC’s public and community health initiatives is to promote a healthy learning and working environment that advances the well-being and academic advancement of its students by providing prevention-oriented instructional information and resources.

Communicable Disease and Vaccination Policy

It is KCC policy to safeguard, to the highest degree possible, college employees, students and the public who come into contact with people who are known to have or are suspected of having a communicable disease without endangering the KCC community or individual students.

Students who have contracted a communicable disease that presents a potentially serious health hazard will have their individual situations reviewed by a panel convened by KCC’s president. The president shall have the authority to remove the individual from the KCC environment, pending the recommendation of the panel. All reportable communicable diseases will be referred to the local county health department in accordance with Michigan statutory and administrative guidelines.

In the event of a communicable disease outbreak, such as a pandemic flu, KCC will work with county health departments and rely on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to determine the need for employees and students to have specific vaccinations.

Allied Health students may require specific vaccinations prior to attending clinical education sites. Specific vaccination requirements will be outlined by program faculty prior to the start of clinicals.