KCC Strategic Plan

A decorative text slide that reads "Ahead of the Curve: KCC Strategic Plan 2020-23."

KCC launches “Ahead of the Curve”

Kellogg Community College is using a recently developed strategic plan, titled “Ahead of the Curve,” to guide the institution over a five-year period from 2020 to 2025. The plan focuses the College’s operations and resources on three pillars of excellence that will be key to the plan’s attainment. Those pillars are:

  • Student Success
  • Operational Excellence
  • Culture

The plan’s themes and pillars are described in the aspirational statements below. View the 103-page plan in its entirety in the viewer below (click to make it full-screen), and be sure to return to KCC’s Strategic Plan web page in the future to learn about our progress.

Student Success

KCC understands that student success is influenced by the individual student experience: the systems, protocols, departments, faculty, and staff that students encounter in their educational journey. We inspire learning through collaborative efforts to support the academic, social, and economic success of our students.

Strategy: Student Programming

KCC provides a roadmap through Guided Pathways for individual student success within the framework of connection, entry, progress, completion, and transition. We strive to facilitate effective programs, course offerings, policies, practices and processes that put each student in a position to succeed.

Strategy: Bruin Quality Focus

KCC commits to the assessment of courses, programs and services. We are proactive in our efforts to identify apparent and underlying student needs and continually provide the highest quality service.

Strategy: Sense of Belonging

KCC advances student success by providing personalized support services, ensuring access to resources, and embracing an array of viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences in all settings.

Operational Excellence

Through a culture of continuous improvement, Kellogg Community College promotes the responsible management and utilization of resources supported by sustainable infrastructure and fair and equitable policies and practices.

Strategy: Infrastructure

KCC invests in the use of technology to support student success, leverage technical agility, and sustain academic and administrative operations across the institution. We maintain our campuses to ensure a safe, clean, functional, sustainable, and welcoming environment for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Strategy: Data Governance

KCC strives to promote productive workflow, timely access to information, the use of automated and dashboard reporting, and availability of accurate data to shape best practices and inform institutional decisions.

Strategy: Financial Viability

KCC engages in collaborative and innovative activities to diversify funding sources and align organizational systems, policies, and processes for the effective stewardship of financial resources. Aligning KCC’s financial resources with its strategic priorities is essential for sustainability and creates an environment of flexibility and responsiveness to the evolving higher education landscape.


Kellogg Community College cultivates an environment of trust as a foundation of our culture of enrichment, engagement, transparency and accountability. Through shared leadership and collaboration, we model the importance of productive working relationships and professional partnerships.

Strategy: Communication

KCC embraces communication by sharing timely, relevant information that is integral to the institution’s stakeholders, planning and operations. Communication is critical to institutional culture, morale, efficiency, and the achievement of institutional goals.

Strategy: Partnerships & Community Relations

KCC connects with the community through partnerships with stakeholders, businesses, labor, government, K‐12 school districts, institutions of higher education and professional organizations to support student programming, workforce development, and economic development initiatives.

Strategy: Talent Management & Development

KCC supports a planned, systematic and inclusive approach to attract, onboard, develop, engage and retain high‐performing employees. Talent management and development are vital to growth and a learning environment where employees are provided professional development, training and learning opportunities.