KCC Strategic Plan

A text graphic that reads "S.W.A.T. Strategic. Well-Informed. Actively Engaged. Tenable."

KCC seeks community input via online survey

Kellogg Community College invites members of the public to provide their insight as the College continues to develop an institutional strategic plan geared toward student success.

KCC is collecting responses from the community via an online survey. Community members may complete the survey from any device or computer with Internet access.

As part of the planning process in recent weeks, KCC asked a variety of stakeholders in a series of face-to-face input sessions what they believe student success looks like, what they believe the College does well and what they believe should be the institution’s priorities in the next three to five years. At each session, participants were asked to respond to specific questions about the College and discuss their ideas with other participants.

The College hosted 12 input sessions for employees and community members at its North Avenue campus in Battle Creek. The College had scheduled additional sessions in Albion, Coldwater and Hastings, but on March 13 canceled those events — and later published a survey online — as part of the institution’s response to the global coronavirus outbreak.

The input from the public is providing meaningful feedback and complementing additional research regarding the institution and its three-county service area as KCC’s leaders, including President Adrien Bennings and the Board of Trustees, chart the College’s future over the next three years.

“Kellogg Community College is on a mission to help students succeed in Barry, Branch and Calhoun counties,” Dr. Bennings said. “As we build upon achievements and engage with students, employees, trustees, donors, organizational partners and taxpayers, we will keep student success in the forefront. Ultimately, we will have a plan that is strategic, well informed, actively engaged and tenable.”