Defense Logistics

An Associate in Applied Science Degree in Defense Logistics prepares students for advancement in a career working for the United States Federal Government in the area of defense logistics information services.

This degree requires students to take a rigorous General Education Core designed to provide them with the background and skills necessary to support the demanding needs of logistical work. It also recognizes content specific seminars, workshops, in-service training and experience that students may have gained through their employment with an organization that requires work in Defense Logistics.

Transfer Credit / Recognition for Prior Experiential Learning

Students must have a minimum of 27 credits in supply chain management from an accredited educational institution or equivalent experience. Students who have taken courses through Defense Acquisition University may transfer a maximum of 30 credit hours to satisfy the total requirement of 62 credit hours for the Associate of Applied Science degree. An official transcript from DAU must be sent directly to the office of the registrar at Kellogg Community College for verification of credit.

In addition, students may apply up to 10 credit hours of prior experiential learning credit for workshops, seminars, in-service training and work experience in the defense logistics field. A letter from the employer will be required for verification of the experience. The associated credit will be calculated based on precise job function and responsibilities, or the formula used for CEU calculation if appropriate.

Students should contact the Director of the Business and Information Technology Department for an evaluation of prior experiential learning credit.