notepad and keyboardJournalism is the activity of observing, gathering and analyzing information and presenting it to an audience in a variety of formats. The journalism courses at Kellogg Community College are designed to deepen students’ understanding of:

  • journalism as a product and a profession
  • mass media trends and processes
  • mass communication theories
  • careers associated with newspapers, magazines, radio, television, recorded music, video games, motion pictures, social media, advertising and public relations

The curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation for students who intend to transfer to a four-year program and for those seeking hands-on experience as writers and communicators. The courses also satisfy several of KCC’s General Education requirements.

The skills and theories taught in the journalism courses at KCC will help students as they pursue careers in any field that requires effective communication, from newspaper reporting and television news broadcasting to education and organizational leadership.

Classes are designed for students who want to:

    • Increase knowledge of mass media and mass communication processes.
    • Expand awareness of how people participate in mass communication as consumers.
    • Develop a basic understanding of mass communication techniques and media ethics.
    • Enhance skills related to writing clearly, communicating efficiently and summarizing information for a mass audience.
    • Learn to accurately, objectively and ethically report information, using modern research and interview techniques.
    • Report and write publishable news articles.
    • Prepare for a rewarding career in journalism, public relations, marketing or other fields in which communication is key.

journalism collage

Faculty members assist students in portfolio development and provide unique learning opportunities. Courses incorporate lectures, readings, writing exercises, writing assignments, class discussions, peer edits, teacher edits, guest speakers, field trips and independent study. Some student assignments are published in The Bruin News, KCC’s online student news platform.

General Education core courses

All three journalism courses offered at KCC are part of the General Education core course lineup. JOUR 111: Mass Media Environment is in the Global Awareness category, while JOUR 112: News Writing and JOUR 154: Writing for Student Publications are in the Communicating category.

MTA courses

Two of KCC’s three journalism courses satisfy a major requirement in the Michigan Transfer Agreement, which facilitates the transfer of general education credits from one institution to another. Students who earn at least a 2.0 in JOUR 112 or JOUR 154 can transfer those credits to a Michigan university under the MTA’s Communications category.


Scholarships are available from the Aspiring Journalist Fund at the KCC Foundation. The fund provides up to $250 per semester to current students who have at least a 2.0 GPA at KCC and an interest in pursuing a career in communications. Applications are due every year in March for use the following academic year. Additional scholarships and stipends are available to editors of the Bruin.

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For more information about the journalism courses at KCC, contact instructors Simon Thalmann or Tom Webster.