Concentus Vocal Ensemble

ConcentusConcentus Vocal Ensemble (MUSI 109/C 109)

A small vocal ensemble which specializes in repertoire written for advanced small ensemble singing. The group consists of singers who are selected through the annual choral audition process in the fall of each academic year. Concentus repertoire focuses on madrigals, chanson, lied and works from the musical theatre and show choir literature. You must be a registered member of the Kellogg Singers (MUSI 105) in order to be considered for an audition and membership. Nigun Bialik by A.W. Binder

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Music Series - Choir

Dr. Gerald J. Blanchard, Director
Cynthia Fillmore-Garn, Accompanist

For members enrolling for academic credit:

Attendance Policy: Students are allowed three absences from class during the semester. No excuse is needed for these absences. After that, any unexcused absence takes 10% off the student’s final grade with the following exception: Any student missing six classes for any reason will be asked to withdraw. No absence is excused the week before or of a performance. Concert attendance is mandatory. An excused absence is one where the instructor has been contacted previously and approved it or a doctor’s excuse is provided. Lateness of any kind will take 5% off the student’s daily attendance points. The instructor will always endeavor to release class on time.