Office Information Technology

An OIT instructor works with a student in a computer lab on KCC's North Avenue campus in Battle Creek.

KCC’s Associate in Applied Science in Administrative Assistant degree is one of five online associate degrees offered at KCC! To apply to the online program, contact KCC’s Admissions Office at 269-965-4153 or

Kellogg Community College’s Office Information Technology (OIT) Program is designed to prepare individuals to perform a wide range of administrative business support responsibilities including the knowledge and application of best business practices, procedures and computer and technical skills necessary for success in today’s business world.

This program prepares individuals for a variety of careers in a number of different settings including office administrator, office technology supervisor, computer applications specialist and office supervisor. It is not designed as a transfer program.

OIT Program credentials offered at KCC include:

The sequence of classes recommended for full-time students seeking each credential follows. For more information about KCC’s Office Information Technology Program, see:

Associate in Applied Science: Administrative Assistant

Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV
ACCO 101: General Accounting ACCO 102: General Accounting ART 211: Art Appreciation**
BUAD 274: Organizational Behavior
BUAD 101: Intro to Business BUAD 213: Business Statistics BUAD 201: Business Law ECON 202: Principles of Economics-MICRO
ENGL 151: Freshman Composition** ECON 201: Principles of Economics-MACRO** COMM 110: Introduction to Communication Studies** OR
COMM 111: Business and Technical
Communication** OR
COMM 207: Public Speaking**
OIT 131: Keyboarding 2
KCCS 101: First Year Seminar OIT 130: Office Procedures/Keyboarding 1 MUSI 211: Music Appreciation** OIT 157: Microsoft Access Core
OIT 154: Microsoft PowerPoint Core OIT 162: Microsoft Word Expert OIT 198: Microsoft Outlook/OneNote
OIT 161: Applications Software OIT 163: Microsoft Excel Expert

*For class options that fulfill the elective requirements indicated here, see the Degree and Certificate Requirements section of KCC’s Academic Catalog.

**Courses indicated fulfill requirements for the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), which provides for the transferability of up to 30 credit hours to meet General Education Requirements at participating Michigan colleges and universities. For more information about the MTA, visit

Administrative Assistant Certificate

Required Administrative Assistant Certificate Courses
ACCO 101: General Accounting
OIT 130: Office Procedures/Keyboarding 1
OIT 131: Keyboarding 2
OIT 154: Microsoft PowerPoint Core
OIT 161: Applications Software
OIT 162: Microsoft Word Expert
OIT 163: Microsoft Excel Expert

MOS Specialist Certificate (Microsoft Office Specialist)

Required MOS Master Certificate Courses
OIT 130: Office Procedures/Keyboarding 1
OIT 154: Microsoft PowerPoint Core
OIT 157: Microsoft Access Core
OIT 161: Applications Software
OIT 162: Microsoft Word Expert
OIT 163: Microsoft Excel Expert
OIT 198: Microsoft Outlook/OneNote

Transfer Opportunities

Click here to view Transfer Guides outlining opportunities for students looking to transfer their KCC credits to a four-year institution. Contact our Academic Advising team at 269-965-4124 or to schedule an appointment to plot a personal transfer plan.

Office Information Technology Careers

We are living in a time where the key to success in virtually every profession depends on the skillful use of information. Whether one is a teacher, secretary, supervisor or company president, the main ingredient in the work involved is information — knowing how to get it, how to use it, how to manage it and how to disseminate it to others.

At the root of information-based work activities are computers and the systems that support them. Few professions remain untouched by computers today or will remain so in tomorrow’s world. No matter who you are or what you do for a living, it is likely that computers will somehow impact both the way you work and your success at your work. The goals of KCC’s OIT Program are to provide the student with knowledge of computers and software and a framework for using this knowledge effectively in the workplace.

Possible job titles for graduates with an education in office information technology include:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Administrative associate
  • Administrative coordinator
  • Administrative secretary
  • Administrative specialist
  • Administrative technician
  • Clerk typist
  • Customer service representative
  • Department secretary
  • Executive administrative assistant
  • Executive assistant
  • Executive secretary
  • Office assistant
  • Office clerk
  • Office manager
  • Secretary
  • Software support specialist

Projected Job Outlook & Salary Information

For the latest employment and wage estimates for office information technology careers in Michigan, visit the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics website at

Why Study Office Information Technology at KCC?

KCC provides state-of-the-art facilities and current Microsoft Office and other software programs to ensure our students earn a competitive edge with their associate degrees and/or certificates.

Classes are delivered using Web-based training platforms to provide flexibility and three-dimensional learning for the students. Courses are and continue to stay relevant as office technology provides important support for virtually every field and industry.