The RMTC’s unique style of training was designed specifically for the demanding and dynamic manufacturing environment. The Industrial Trades programs provide a variety training options to meet production and skilled trades training needs. The format enables companies to quickly and efficiently manage the training process. The process includes designing a training program, setting up a training account, enrolling employees in training, and monitoring employee training progress.

Design a Training Program

The topical, competency-based modules enable manufacturers to quickly and efficiently design custom training programs to meet their unique training needs with no design costs. RMTC faculty are available to consult with companies and to provide guidance on selecting modules to meet identified learning outcomes.

Setup a Training Account

To set up a company sponsored training program, contact the Associate Dean of the RMTC at 269-565-2800. The Associate Dean will coordinate a meeting between RMTC faculty and company subject matter experts to outline a training program. This process may be completed in as little as 24-48 hours.

Enroll Employees

Enrolling employees in a sponsored training program is just as simple. Our open entry open exit format enables companies to start students immediately without waiting for the next semester to start. It also enables companies to plan training around production schedules. After setting up a training program, to enroll an employee in a training program, complete the Sponsored Student Billing Authorization form. Companies are invoiced as their students register, throughout the semester.

Monitor Training Progress

The RMTC understands that companies are making a sizable investment In training. In order to help companies manage their investment, the RMTC emails progress reports at the end of each semester. In order to receive an emailed progress report, the company contact must complete an Email Agreement form. Companies may also require employees to provide more regular progress reports. Employees may obtain these reports online any time.

For more information on establishing a training program at the RMTC or to schedule a faculty consultation, simply contact the RMTC.