Important Documents

Our Fall 2021 lab schedule details our hours as well as important dates throughout the semester. Our location and contact information is included as well.

Fall 2021 Cost Sheets

Company Sponsored Students

Sponsored students and their sponsoring company must submit a Sponsored Student Billing Authorization in order to register for classes. If students are not going to complete modules by the end of semester date, they have the option to drop modules before the drop deadline, or speak to their instructor about doing an incomplete contract to receive incomplete grades.

In order to receive end-of-semester progress reports on sponsored students, there must be a signed Email Agreement form on file for each company representative who would like to receive a progress report. Students may obtain a copy of their progress report by contacting RMTC staff. Students can also access their unofficial course history at any time through their Bruin student portal.

Incomplete Contracts

If a student feels they are unable to finish one or more modules by the end of the semester, they can work with their program’s respective faculty to submit an incomplete contract. Once approved, the student will receive an I grade for Incomplete and be permitted a full year after the end of the semester to finish the module(s) on the incomplete contract. Without the incomplete contract, the student would receive an N for No Credit and be required to pay for the module(s) a second time in order to finish them.

Incomplete contracts can also be submitted via email; however, only those sent from a KCC email address will be considered.

Career Center Articulation

The Request for an Articulated Technical Education Course form must be submitted with a program cost sheet and a career center transcript. Note that at least one semester must be completed at KCC before articulation can be considered.

Available Online Module Content

Students can complete certain modules offered here entirely online. Once a student is registered, all content for these courses can be found entirely on Moodle.

Industrial Trades Catalog

Our Industrial Trades 20-21 catalog contains information about all our programs as a whole.