Important Documents

Career Center Articulation

  • Calhoun Area Career Center
  • Branch Area Career Center

The Request for an Articulated Technical Education Course form must be submitted with a program cost sheet (program outline) and a career center transcript. To obtain a program cost sheet (program outline) for the industrial trades program which corresponds to the student’s technical education course of study, click on the appropriate program found on the left side of your screen.

Application for Admission

Students must apply for admission to Kellogg Community College prior to enrolling in industrial trades modules at the RMTC. To create an account and apply to the College, visit and choose “Apply Now”.

Sponsored Student Billing Authorization

Sponsored students will not be allowed to continue training once their Sponsored Student Billing Authorization 2021 form has expired. Please monitor module completion and submit new authorization forms promptly. Reminder, both the student and the authorizing company representative must sign the authorization form.

Student Progress Report Email Agreement

In order to receive end-of-semester progress reports on sponsored students, there must be a signed Email Agreement form on file for each company representative who would like to receive a progress report.

Student Access to Reports via KRIS

Students may obtain an electronic copy of their progress report via KRIS at any time. This document explains the process. Sponsors who wish to review progress reports between semesters may require students to submit KRIS reports at any time.

Lab Schedules

Lab Schedules are revised at the start of each semester and may be revised during the semester for unscheduled closures. Currently, the RMTC Summer 2021 Lab Schedule is available online. Please check the semester lab schedule prior to visiting the RMTC.

Cost Sheets 

Summer 2021:

Summer 2021 Electricity and Electronics Cost Sheet

Summer 2021 HVACR Cost Sheet

Summer 2021 Industrial Technology Cost Sheet

Summer 2021 Instrumentation Cost Sheet

Summer 2021 Machining Technology Cost Sheet

Summer 2021 Pipefitting Cost Sheet

Summer 2021 Welding Cost Sheet