Renewable Energy

KCC Industrial Electricity and Electronics professor Kevin Barnes assists a student at the RMTC.Kellogg Community College’s Industrial Trades Renewal Energy program trains industrial electricians to install, monitor and maintain small-scale solar and wind energy systems in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. The program follows the Electronics Technicians Association training guides for photovoltaic and small-scale wind installers.

KCC offers a certificate in Renewable Energy, as well as the more generalized Trades certificate and associate degree geared towards company-sponsored students.

The Industrial Trades Certificate is not eligible for financial aid.

Renewable Energy Careers

Possible job titles for graduates with an education in renewable energy include:

  • Electrician
  • Energy auditor
  • Energy management technician
  • Solar energy installation manager
  • Solar energy technician
  • Sustainability specialist
  • Wind energy project manager

Projected Job Outlook & Salary Info

For the latest employment and wage estimates for renewable energy careers in Michigan, visit the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Course Sequences

Unlike traditional academic courses, the offerings in KCC’s Renewable Energy program consist of short modules that are components of larger units. Modules are often less than one credit apiece and can be completed at a student’s own pace in a matter of hours or days. Units range from 1 to 30 modules, depending on the area of instruction.

Unit Title Credits
Unit 05 (INEL) Electrical Safety 0.17
Unit 10 (INEL) Mathematics for Electricians 0.50
Unit 15 (INEL) Electrical Theory 5.19
Unit 35 (INEL) National Electrical Code (NEC) 2.07
Unit 40 (INEL) Power Distribution Systems 2.58
Unit 05 (INRE) Energy Use 2.08
Unit 10 (INRE) Photovoltaic Theory 1.00
Unit 15 (INRE) PV Components 2.38
Unit 20 (INRE) Photovoltaic Installation 3.38
Unit 25 (INRE) Wind Theory 1.41
Unit 30 (INRE) Wind Components 1.92
Unit 35 (INRE) Wind Installation 2.74
Full course listings Spring 2022

Transfer Opportunities

Transfer Guides are available to view opportunities for students looking to transfer their KCC credits to a four-year institution. Popular transfer destinations for KCC’s Renewable Energy students include Siena Heights University and Western Michigan University.

For additional advice on transfer opportunities, contact our academic advising department.