Although the RMTC utilizes a nontraditional instructional method, becoming a student is a straightforward, three-step process. Thanks to our non-traditional, Open Entry Open Exit style of teaching, students can begin coursework immediately upon registration.

  1. Apply to the college.
  2. Complete orientation.
  3. Register and pay for modules.

With a little preparation, the entire process can be completed in a single day with one approximately hour-long visit to the RMTC. Our staff can assist with any part of the process, in person or by phone at 269-965-4137.

Apply to Kellogg Community College

The first step is to apply to KCC as any other student. As part of the college’s processes, we do require photo ID and proof of address (a driver’s license can be both) before students can register for modules.
Every applicant must:

  • be 18 years of age or older,
  • obtained a high school diploma or equivalent (GED), or
  • finished a home school program.

We do also accept dual enrolled students.

Complete Orientation

After applying to KCC, peruse our orientation page and visit the RMTC to meet with an instructor in your chosen program(s) to learn more about the program and outline a selection of modules that suits your needs. Once done, our staff can record the orientation, enabling registration for modules.

Register for Modules

With orientation completed and proof of address supplied, our staff is more than willing to register students in person. However, KCC requires payment for courses within 24 hours of registration, whether that’s out of pocket, using financial aid, or through a company sponsorship. Financial aid students must also enroll in a payment plan.

Additional Information

If considering an Associate in Applied Science, be sure to meet with Michael Houston in Academic Advising in order to

  • Arrange to take the Next Generation ACCUPLACER
  • Select appropriate general education courses
  • Understand graduation requirements
  • Navigate the transfer process
  • Identify and access career resources
  • Seek appropriate college resources

All financial aid information will be transmitted via the Self Service section within the KCC Bruin Portal. Students should periodically review financial aid information through the KCC Bruin Portal and watch for emails, which will provide financial aid information.