Youth Training Opportunities

We work with high schools to allow their motivated students to start in the Industrial Trades while still in high school. Just as with all KCC dual enrollment, students earn college credit and make real progress towards a certificate or a degree. In the case of early college students, the student finishes high school with a credential, often with an additional year after traditional high school graduation.

The process for becoming a dual enrollment or early college student is much the same as for KCC in general:

  1. Speak with your school counselor about dual enrollment or early college.
  2. Apply to the college. Be sure to select the dual enrollment/early college options under the Academic Information section of the application.
  3. Meet with a Trades instructor to select modules and complete orientation.
  4. Submit your module selection to your counselor for them to authorize the selection in our system.
  5. Register for modules and obtain course material.
  6. Start working like any other student.

Career Center Articulation

Students may be able to take Industrial Trades courses during high school at the Branch Area Careers Center and the Calhoun Area Career Center. After enrolling and completing a semester at KCC, students are able to articulate career center courses, earning college credit for the work completed during high school.