YES-KCC Community Garden

Picture of the Community Garden behind the Library at KCC

The YES-KCC Community Garden is a joint effort from Kellogg Community College, the Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES Program) and the greater Battle Creek community. The garden provides an important service to those in need, creates a place for cooperation and culture, and connects KCC students with important hands-on experience with small-scale agriculture and ecology. This is a great opportunity if you want to serve but have limited time or don’t have transportation.

  • Vegetables produced by the garden will be donated to local community partners for distribution to those in need. Fresh, healthy produce is difficult to come by, with restaurants often out of many peoples’ price ranges and fresh produce either absent or too expensive in local grocery stores.
  • Gardening and small-scale agricultural work is the perfect way to bring together diverse individuals through one passion. Connecting those in need and those who wish to help often aids in bridging gaps of understanding and differences. Creating a project such as this serves as a rallying point for change and positive shifts within a community and establishes a cultural foundation.
  • Many departments benefit by incorporating the garden into service-learning possibilities within classes. Showing the different ways that service-learning and social issues do, in fact, relate and are integral will help better prepare students for the working world or transferring to further their education.


  • Call the Integrative Learning Department to schedule a Group Water/Weeding Day.
  • Contact the Service-Learning Office to learn more about service-learning opportunities for the garden.
  • A Campus Gardening Day can be scheduled any weekday; contact the Integrative Learning Department to find out how.
  • Ask us about our new volunteer/service-learning social media platform, GiveGab, to find more opportunities!