Stock photo of a chemistry model.Chemistry is essential for understanding the dynamic natural world around us. KCC’s Chemistry curriculum offers academically solid courses that can transfer into university science, math and engineering programs or can prepare you for entry into a health career. Many worthwhile careers require some degree of training in chemistry.

Fundamentals of Chemistry (CHEM 100) is an excellent educational foundation for nurses, dental hygienists and medical laboratory technicians. General chemical concepts include atomic structure, compound reactions and equilibrium.

Our full-year General Chemistry 1 & 2 (CHEM 110 & 111) sequence as well as our Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 (CHEM 201 & 202) offer a two year academic foundation for science majors looking to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. KCC students have used our courses as stepping stones into several science career fields, including engineering, pharmacy, veterinary, human medicine and more.

Extra assistance with chemistry coursework is available through our instructors and through tutoring services offered by The Center for Student Success at KCC.

WMU Articulation Agreement

The KCC-WMU institutional articulation agreement is designed for students who follow a prescribed plan of study leading to an associate degree at KCC. The credits from each KCC program will be included in the total credit hours required for the WMU baccalaureate degree, thus saving students the confusion of determining which courses transfer and which do not.

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Biomedical Science Transfer Agreement with WMU

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Alumni Testimonials

Here’s what some of our alumni have to say about their studies at KCC.

Hope Rowan-Smith, Miller College

“Classes at KCC are smaller and the staff is willing to help the students.  The instructors at KCC truly care about the students and want the students to succeed.”

Former KCC student

“My career as a registered pharmacist started with a chemistry course at KCC and took me to the University of Michigan where I earned my degree in pharmacy.”

Allison Boyer, Chemistry-Applied Mathematics major at Evangel University

“At KCC, I was able to lay the foundation for my future endeavors in math and science. Classes were more personal and in some ways the instructors challenged us students more. Everybody interacted with each other and I was able to gain more from my hands-on experience in science class. A lot of the things I learned at KCC I use on a regular basis in my upper division courses at my university.”

Jeremy Sloan, MBA

“KCC is a great place to get an education with teachers that I still think fondly of today. KCC allows you to create credits for transfer and also gives you time to truly figure out what you want to do.”

Christina Khim, Albion College graduate

“It is the best decision I made to start my college education at KCC. Tuitions and fees at KCC are very reasonable, yet KCC offers a quality education.”