A male student works on math problems on a white board in class.Kellogg Community College offers math courses with small class sizes providing a supportive environment with educators who care about you. We use the latest technology and offer real world experiences in a variety of teaching environments.

In addition to all Michigan universities, KCC Math students have been accepted at major institutions such as the University of Chicago, MIT, Penn State, Purdue and Stanford.

Our Math faculty has solid academic backgrounds and impressive professional accomplishments in real world careers such as engineering and physics. Occupational Education students benefit, as math courses are very applicable to their field of study and include hands on applications of course content. Excellence in teaching and learning is our priority.

Courses range from algebra to trigonometry, statistics, calculus and differential equations. A highly supportive, research-based developmental curriculum helps students needing to build basic skills. Specialty courses include Math for Elementary Teachers, Math for Liberal Arts, and Applied Algebra/Trigonometry.

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Alumni Testimonials

Here’s what some of our alumni have to say about their studies at KCC.

Daniel Layton, WMU Mechanical Engineering Student

Michelle Kenealy, transfer student

“I always struggled with math in high school. I scored high in the pre-testing and got put in Pre-Calculus! Our instructor had us work with a partner to solve problems every morning on the white board and it helped get the day started and always had me thinking. My professor made it fun by involving projects and playing games. The one-to-one interactions with the professor are exactly what I needed and it made the assignments easier to understand. I won’t forget that class!”

Jarrett Dunn, BA in Mathematics from Albion,  Michigan Tech graduate student in Applied Mathematics

“My favorite thing about KCC is the small community environment and the close personal attention I received from the instructors. KCC will always be the place where that spark of inspiration ignited my mind. Calculus began to come alive for me and I knew then that I wanted to continue studying mathematics.”

James Lee Sheldon, Mechanical Engineering major, WMU

“I remember my math professor told me we could not thoroughly understand the process of solving calculus problems without multiple repetitions and lots and lots of practice. At the time I didn’t believe it, but now I often refer back to those notes to solve complex problems in my engineering classes.”

Micah Coplin, WMU Elementary Education student

“Math teachers are willing to explain concepts in multiple ways. This helped my comprehension and was very helpful when the homework doesn’t make sense.”