WMU Joint Enrollment

A landscape view of Western Michigan University's engineering campus in Kalamazoo.Kellogg Community College and Western Michigan University have worked together to facilitate joint enrollment as a pathway to a bachelor’s degree. This unique arrangement features admission to both institutions and it provides students with a personalized program plan to follow while attending classes at both KCC and WMU over the course of their degree programs.

The KCC-WMU joint enrollment program differs from a conventional transfer program by allowing participating students to take advantage of academic support and facilities at both institutions for the duration of their program.

Alumni Testimonials

Here’s what some of our alumni have to say about their studies at KCC.

James Lee Sheldon, graduate of Mechanical Engineering at WMU

“The math and physics departments at KCC are second to none; the wealth of knowledge is astounding. I changed my major thanks to a discovery of a love for physics and critical thinking that was uncovered by a KCC professor. You will have everything you need to be successful in Engineering at a university and you will have a noticeable advantage over other students who took these courses anywhere else.”

Former KCC student working at Daimler-Chrysler

“The underlying concepts I learned while at KCC form a critical part of my understanding of the variety of (engineering) systems with which I work. The language of engineering is mathematics. KCC was my beginning in coming to use this powerful language.”