MILO Use-of-Force Simulation

The MILO Shooting simulator provides officers with the ability to use their training to practice use-of-force and shoot/don’t-shoot scenarios within a safe and controlled environment. The MILO system uses two Glock-style handguns equipped with lasers, a taser, pepper spray and long-gun attachments. Common scenarios include patrol operations, active shooter, domestic violence and more.

Many departments have trained their officers on the MILO system. The training consists of a 2-4 hour time block with 2-4 participants per block. Officers are evaluated for each scenario based on Appropriate Use of Force, Use of Cover & Concealment, Weapons Handling, Fire Discipline, Threat Recognition, Reaction to Stimulus, Teamwork, and Verbal Interaction as they relate to the scenario itself.

Cost: $50/officer for 2-4 hour training block*

*Maximum of 4 officers/block
Training is available for use of 302 funds.

Please call 269-660-7703 or email [email protected] to schedule training.