Professional Support

KCC offers professional development and writing support including:

One-on-one consultation for incorporating/evaluating written assignments

Add a little more writing to your class without adding an overwhelming amount of work. Or are you unsatisfied with writing received from current assignments. A session, or two, with any of the writing initiative “fellows” will help you identify ways to get more out of your assignments, or create new one.

Fishbowl/Faculty Writing Forum

Bring your writing assignment and/or student papers and receive targeted feedback from your peers.

Classroom visits and guided writing activities

Writing “fellows” will visit your class and assist students with understanding and completing a brief course-related writing activity.

Departmental/Divisional workshops and/professional development

Workshops on professional writing or written communication will help each department improve their standards and understanding of best written communication practices among coworkers and with students.

Writing Initiative Steering Committee members

  • Kimberlee Andrews-Bingham, Training Coordinator, Workforce Solutions
  • Kevin Barnes, Industrial Electrical Professor
  • Ron Davis, English Professor
  • Ray DeBruler, History Professor
  • Kelly Frost, Librarian, User Education
  • Jeffrey Houldsworth, Paraprofessional, The Bridge
  • David Johnson, English Professor
  • Elizabeth Kerlikowske, English Professor
  • Tim Krueger, Industrial Electronics/ Electrical Professor
  • Craig R. Mack, English Professor
  • Donald Montgomery, Psychology Professor
  • Glenda Morling, Social Science Professor
  • Tom Rose, Open Entry Professor
  • Matt Samra, English Professor
  • Lynn A. Smolarkiewicz, Nursing Professor
  • Andrea Stemaly, Paraprofessional, The Bridge
  • Liia Thatcher, Nursing Professor
  • Faith M. Vruggink, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology Professor
  • Paula Westdorp, Reading and Learning Strategies Professor
  • Michelle R. Wright, History Professor