We offer in-person services Monday through Thursday, 9am – 3pm, until August 28, 2020. To ensure the safety of all students and employees, we ask that you review KCC’s Campus Reopening Plan. We have also taken the following steps to achieve this goal:

  • We added a sign outside of the front door of The Hub Enrollment Center, which will be locked. The sign will include a QR code to help you check in remotely.
    • Use your phone’s camera app to check in, whether you have an appointment or are walking in.
    • Once you check in, you will receive a confirmation page with further instructions.
  • Student computers are separated by distance of more than 6ft.
  • Each student station will offer hand sanitizer, and students will be responsible to clean student station areas prior to use. Sanitation spray will be provided.
  • The front desk staff and students attending the front desk stations for document drop off and scanning, will be separated by Plexiglas.
  • Scanners are automatic, and students will not be required to touch or activate the scanners.
  • We encourage students to come alone for their appointment, and that they wear a mask.

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Believing that “Education is for all who can profit,” Kellogg Community College will admit any individual who has the motivation, potential, and ability to benefit from the education and training offered, and is one of the following:

  •     a high school graduate
  •     18 years of age or older
  •     has successfully completed the General Education Development (G.E.D.) test,
  •     a student desiring to participate in the Early Entry Program.

Anyone who wishes to enroll for a credit course must have an application on file with the college. If you are a new, transfer, or returning student, you may apply online. If you are a guest or dual enrolled student, please see below for the corresponding application. Applications should be submitted two weeks prior to each semester to insure a comprehensive process of assessment and orientation will occur. There is no fee for applying. You must provide Records and Registration with proof of your residency (a copy of your driver’s license, for instance).

If you need help applying, visit

Admission to the College does not ensure admission or enrollment into a specific curriculum. In certain instances, prerequisites and/or eligibility requirements exist.

Kellogg Community College reserves the right to deny admission and/or the enrollment of any individual who disrupts the educational process or environment, or threatens the peace and safety of any individual therein.

Any questions concerning this policy or requests for admission information or materials should be directed to the Admissions office at or 269-965-4153.

Admissions/Entrance Categories

Students entering Kellogg Community College will be classified into one of the following categories:

  1. First time in college: This category includes those who have not previously attended any college or university prior to enrolling at Kellogg Community College.
  2. Transfer: This category includes those who have attended another college or university prior to enrolling at Kellogg Community College. In order to gain credit for previous course work, transfer students must arrange to have forwarded official transcripts of any previous college/university course work. Grades and grade point averages earned elsewhere do not become a part of the Kellogg Community College academic record when evaluating course work for transfer purposes. A maximum of 60% of a degree may be applied to Kellogg Community College.
  3. Returning: This category includes those who previously attended Kellogg Community College and are re-enrolling.
  4. Guest: This category includes students who are matriculated at another college or university and desire concurrent admission. Guest students must submit a Guest Application to KCC in order to enroll as a guest student.
  5. Dual Enrollment: This category includes students who have not completed high school and have a desire to supplement their studies with college-level course work. Individuals interested in such an experience must: (1) be enrolled in an accredited high school; (2) have the approval of their high school principal or guidance counselor; (3) complete and submit the Dual Enrollment Application; (4) meet all requirements/prerequisites.