Eligible Programs

All associate degree programs are eligible for financial aid. Students enrolled in a two-year transfer program that is acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor’s degree and qualify for admission into the third year of a bachelor’s degree program are eligible for financial aid. Check with the Financial Aid Office for eligible certificate programs.

Open Entry / Industrial Trades Courses

Open Entry Courses are treated like regular courses during the semester for which the student registers. Students must complete all course work by the completion of every semester when Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is evaluated. Classes not completed will be counted as attempted and not completed. If the student is placed on probation or suspension due to non-completion, once the course is complete and a grade is assigned, the student may complete a Satisfactory Academic Appeal form to request a re-evaluation of SAP progress. For more information, see Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.

High School Diploma

Students must earn a high school diploma or GED prior to disbursement of financial aid. Dual-enrolled students (high school students enrolled for college courses) are not eligible for federal or state funding.

Bookstore Charges

Students awarded financial aid are permitted to charge up to $1,000 for books and supplies at the Bruin Bookstore. The amount a student is permitted to charge depends on remaining financial aid funds after tuition and fees are paid. Amounts charged at the bookstore will reduce the amount of a cash refund the student is eligible to receive after the semester begins. To be eligible to charge books and supplies, the student must notify the bookstore staff that financial aid will be used to purchase the books and supplies.