High School Dual Enrollment

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We’re excited that you’re considering taking classes at KCC while still in high school! Completing college courses while you’re in high school is a great way to earn credit and shorten the time it takes for you to complete a college degree.

Step 1Talk with your school counselor
Step 2Complete KCC Application - Select "High School Dual Enrolled" as the Student Type
Step 3Complete Accuplacer or submit PSAT/SAT scores
Step 4Select courses
Step 5School counselor submits authorization to KCC
Step 6Provide proof of residency
Step 7Register for courses
Step 8Purchase Books
Step 9Attend Orientation
Additional resources to assist students and parents in selecting the best option for earning college credit while in high school - Stay tuned, resources coming soon!
In most occasions, your courses will transfer to most colleges and universities with the state of Michigan. KCC recommends that you consult with the college or university that you plan on attending to ensure your          course(s) will be accepted.
The amount that each high school is able to pay is based on the state-wide Minimum Foundation Allowance per student. You will need to consult with your high school counselor to determine how much your school is able to pay for each course.
Each high school has a different policy on what courses their students are allowed to enroll in. You will need to consult with your high school counselor to determine which course you are able to enroll in. Kellogg        Community College does not prohibit students from enrolling in any course, as long as the prerequisite is met for the course.

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