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Credit by Examination

Credit by Examination

Students who wish to earn credit for qualified courses may request to earn Credit by Exam. Credit by Exam is available only for qualified courses. To request Credit by Exam, the student must contact the academic Chair/Director responsible for the course. If Credit by Exam is available, the student may then request and schedule the exam through the academic Chair/Director.

  • To qualify for the opportunity to earn credit by exam, the student may not have had a prior attempt at taking the course(s) for credit within the last five years.
  • If students wish to earn credit by exam for a course in which they are currently registered, they must make the request before the add/drop deadline for the course.
  • There is a non-refundable $50.00 fee per course to attempt credit by exam. Only one (1) attempt per course is permitted.

Students who are seeking to transfer should communicate directly with transfer institutions to determine the transferability of credit earned by exam as transfer institutions may not honor credit by exam.

You may receive credit by examination by following this process:

  1. Contact the Chair/Director of the department or coordinator of the program offering the course to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.
  2. Complete a Request for Credit by Examination form.
  3. Pay a $50 fee to the Registrar’s Office or at your Center office.
  4. Present the receipt to the instructor administering the exam and complete the exam.
  5. If a grade of “A,” “B,” or “C” is earned, course and grade information will be added to your academic record.
  6. Grades of “D” and “F” are not satisfactory for credit by examination. If such grades are earned, no course entry will be made on your academic record.
  7. To have credit by examination credits recorded on your KCC transcript, you must have completed coursework at KCC. Courses for which you receive a grade of “W,” “I,” “N,” or Audit are not considered completed.

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