Transfer Evaluation

Kellogg Community College will accept comparable college course work earned at other accredited colleges and universities and through the military. Courses considered for transfer must have a comparable course offered at KCC.

It is your responsibility to request from your other institutions attended an official academic transcript to be sent to the Registrar’s office for the purpose of transfer credit evaluation. Once received by the Registrar’s office, transcripts from other colleges are not available for release to the student or to other KCC offices without an educationally-related purpose for viewing the transcripts.

Courses completed with a passing grade of “C” or above may be considered for transfer. Following the transfer evaluation process, you will receive an email from the Registrar’s office to your KCC email account.

A maximum of 75% of a KCC degree or certificate may be completed using transfer credits. Grades from other institutions are not calculated in your cumulative grade point average at KCC.

Students may use an unofficial transcript from an accredited college/university to prove course prerequisites. Grades must be a “C” or higher to meet requirements. Courses from the unofficial transcript will not be placed on the academic record until an official transcript is received.

Students can now go to and see how their credits will transfer to KCC or other institutions.