Writing Improvement

This course is designed to improve basic writing skills. Writing assignments emphasize the paragraph and short compositions. Emphasis is on grammar, usage, punctuation, and writing. Recommend ENGL 106 be taken concurrently if taking other courses that require heavy reading and writing. Lab Fee

Learning Strategies for College Success

This course will help students gain the skills necessary to obtain greater success in college and in life. By exploring resources and mastering proven strategies, students will define and create greater academic, professional, and personal achievement. Instruction will be delivered in either traditional, lecture format or a learning-community format when co-enrolled with TSRE 55. Lab Fee

Basic Math

Students in this course will develop the basic math skills needed to be successful in Pre-Algebra and Algebra. After diagnosis, through testing and/or consultation, the instructor will provide a schedule of learning activities and testing for each topic in the student’s program of study. The instructor is available to provide individual help for the students. Lab Fee


Students will learn the skills they need to be successful in a beginning algebra course. The course includes an introduction to integers and rational numbers, order of operations, variable and algebraic expressions, linear equations, graphing, application problems, proportions, geometric formulas, and basic computation of polynomials. Lab Fee

Basic College Reading

This course is designed to develop reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and critical reading skills. Students scoring less than 60 on the ACCUPLACER reading assessment are advised to take no heavy reading courses until successful completion of this course. This course can also be taken in a learning-community format with TSLS 105, Learning Strategies for College Success. Lab Fee

Advanced Conversational Spanish

This course focuses on the development of oral and written fluency and the development of vocabulary and mastery of the language; to use the Spanish language strategically, to accomplish objectives, and resolve conflicts in culturally appropriate situations. Lab Fee

Theatre Appreciation 1

Humanities course in theatre as an art, stressing the universality of man’s desires, problems, and dreams. This includes a study of the social trends which influenced the work of the playwrights and designers and contemporary methods of theatrical expression. Humanities elective. Lab Fee

Theatre Appreciation 2

Humanities course in theatre as an art with special attention given to the development of musical comedy and to contemporary themes and productions. Open to all students as a humanities elective. Lab Fee

Stagecraft 1

An introductory course in basic technical production including scenery construction, lighting, costumes, makeup, sound, and theatre business management. Class work includes practical experience in conjunction with College productions. [16-32-48] Lab Fee

Acting 1

A study of the techniques of acting. Each student is given individualized instruction in developing acting techniques. Laboratory work includes participation in classroom and College productions. [16-32-48] Lab Fee