Writing for Student Publications

Students will plan, write, edit, and distribute publications for The Bruin (college newspaper), Mosaic (college literary magazine), and/or other campus publications. Instruction will include Associated Press style, journalistic ethics and practices along with guest lectures by local journalists and writers, and field trips to local newspapers. Students interested in writing for publication may enroll in JOUR 154 for up to three credit hours. This course may be repeated for credit up to six credit hours.

Building Foundations through Literature

Reading, discussing, and writing about literature with emphasis on the essay and short story. Students will learn new approaches to comprehending vocabulary and written text.

Introduction to Literature

Studies in critical reading and appreciation of the major forms in fiction, poetry, and drama. Required course for English majors and minors.

World Literature 1

A survey of world literature from the beginning of civilization to 1600.

American Literature

A survey of American literature from the early twentieth century to the present.

Children’s Literature

A general survey of the prose, poetry, and illustrated books suitable for the elementary grades. Enrollment for elementary education majors or others who meet the prerequisite. Lab Fee

Film Interpretation

An introduction to film, including visual elements, meanings, and genre through study of outstanding examples of historical and contemporary feature films. May include foreign films. Lab Fee

British Literature

A survey of British literature from the Romantic Period until the present.