Daytime Classes: Battle Creek

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Loosen Up with Linda
Join Linda as she leads you through a gentle exercise program intended to loosen the muscles and improve your flexibility, posture, and range of motion. You will leave feeling relaxed, while improving the efficiency of your heart and lungs. NOTE: Class is held in the Miller Physical Education Gymnasium for this semester.
T/TH • 9/8-12/10 • 8:30-9:30 am • $85 • Linda Ryan • Location: Miller Gym

The Music of the Beatles!
The Beatles are probably the best-known and most influential rock & roll band of all time. Starting from John, Paul, George and Ringo’s earliest days in Liverpool, to their controversial breakup, you will get an introduction to the music that shaped the lives and times of this extraordinary group.
Wednesdays • 9/16-9/23 • 10-12 pm • $39 • Stephen Youngs • Rm: LT-304

Colonial American History with Nancy – Part II
As a continuation of last fall semester’s Early Colonial History class, you will learn more about the development of individual colonies, not only English, but French and Dutch as well, and how the Caribbean Islands were crucial to the trade done with the English colonies. Join our historian, Nancy to discuss how life and commerce developed in the 1700’s as the colonies moved closer to the Revolutionary War. You’re invited, even if you didn’t get to attend Part I!
Wednesdays • 9/30-10/28 • 1-3 pm • $69 • Nancy Beers • Rm: LT-303

Treasure Hunters Unite! Metal Detecting Part II
Metal detecting is a surprisingly addictive hobby, as you never know where your next treasure will be discovered! Join President of the West Michigan Detector Club, John Dudley, as he provides instruction on how to use your metal detector in the great outdoors. You can attend even if you missed Part I! Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes.
Thursday • 10/1 • 1-3 pm • $19 • John Dudley • Rm: LT 303/KCC Campus

Murder in the First Degree – Famous Michigan Murders
Michigan has had its fair share of notorious murders throughout history.
Join Jody as she shares hair-raising details on some famous Michigan Murders such as: the letter-bomb murder at the Tasty Cafe in Marshall,
the Lansing area murder that sparked the movie, “The Burning Bed” starring Farrah Fawcett, and the murder of TV anchor Diane Newton King.
Mondays • 10/5-10/12 • 1-3 pm • $39 • Jody Owens • Rm: LT-304

Chair Yoga
Are you looking for a safe and effective yoga practice that doesn’t require getting up and down from the floor? Kim will take you through a variety of chair exercises, which will gently stretch your muscles while putting you in a relaxed state. NOTE: Class is held in the Miller Gym for this semester.
T/TH • 10/6-12/10 • 10-11 am • $59 • Kim VanHoose • Location: Miller Gym

Lights! Camera! Action: Sunset Boulevard
Enjoy viewing the classic Sunset Boulevard about a screenwriter who
develops a dangerous relationship with a faded film star who is determined
to make her triumphant return to the big screen. After the movie, stay for a
lively movie discussion with our resident theater instructor.
Friday • 10/23 • 1-4 pm • $19 • Terry Dennison • Rm: Davidson Theater

Concerns of Captivity: The World War II Prisoners of War NEW!
The experience of capture was traumatic because circumstances were harsh and provisions were limited. Thousands of soldiers became Prisoners of War during WWII, including Germans at Fort Custer. How did the United States treat German and Italian prisoners? How did Germans treat Allied soldiers, why were Russian soldiers treated differently, and why was it an especially harrowing experience to be a prisoner of the Japanese?
Mondays • 11/2-11/9 • 1-3 pm • $39 • Jody Owens • Rm: LT-304

The Legends and Folk Lore of the Great Lakes NEW!
The luster of the beaches and the beauty of the waves is normally what you envision when you think of the Great Lakes. However, from the depths of the world’s largest freshwater lakes have emerged some bizarre myths and mysteries. Michigan based author and travel writer, Shetan Noir, will lead you in a discussion about the mystical maritime history of the Great Lakes that includes lost ships, ghost ships, the Lake Michigan triangle and legends of lake monsters.
Wednesdays • 11/4-11/18 • 10 am-12 pm $59 • Shetan Noir • Rm: LT-303

Thanksgiving Cake Celebration
After your guests have finished their Thanksgiving dinner, give them something sweet to finish off their meal! In this casual and fun Thanksgiving themed cake class, you’ll learn the basic skills you need to decorate your turkey cake to look as professional as the cakes on Pinterest! Your instructor will supply everything you need to create your edible masterpiece.
Monday • 11/23 • 1-3 pm • $39 • Boonikka Herring • Rm: LT-303