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Delectable Desserts You Need in Your Life

When it comes to summer sweets, keep it simple and keep it cool–the less cooking, the better! In this class, you will learn to make simple summer desserts that don’t involve cooking, so they’re perfect for days when it’s too hot to be in the kitchen. Learn how to make cheesecake, parfaits and puddings and be able to take some home to your friends or family. All cooking materials included in price of class.
Thursday * 4/29 * 1-3 pm * $40 * Boonikka Herring * Rm: LT-303

Hands-On Artisan Cheese Making: Mozzarella- POPULAR

In this hands-on class, you’ll learn how to take one gallon of milk and make the best mozzarella you have ever tasted! There is no special equipment needed and with 5 simple ingredients, you will never buy store-bought mozzarella again. You’ll leave class with a delicious fresh cheese and you can keep the success of your fabulous Caprese Salad, Margherita pizza and luscious lasagna a secret–only you will know that your homemade cheese makes all the difference in your dishes!
Wednesday * 5/12 * 6-9 pm * $55 * Gary Colles * Rm: LT-303

Artisan Cheese Making: Fresh Feta

Feta cheese is the quickest and easiest of all hard cheeses to make and it’s a great transition from making soft fresh cheese like mozzarella into making pressed hard cheeses. Feta may be one of the earliest cheeses to have been developed and you will experience the delicious taste of fresh Feta. In this class we’ll demonstrate how to create an amazing Feta cheese to complement your homemade Greek salad or specialty pizza. Workshop fee includes all food items, recipes and tasting samples.
Wednesday * 5/26 * 6-9 pm * $55 * Gary Colles * Rm: LT-303

Celebrate National Donut Day

National Donut Day started in 1938 as a fundraiser to honor The Salvation Army “Lassies” of World War I, who served donuts to soldiers. In this class, we will skip the pot of hot oil and learn how to make light and airy donuts in an air fryer! Homemade donuts made in the air fryer are soft on the outside and have a fluffy, tender interior that taste just like they’re from your favorite bakery. All materials included in price.
Thursday * 6/3 * 1-3 pm * $40 * Boonikka Herring * Rm: LT-303

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