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Original Yoga: Rediscovering Hatha Yoga NEW!
The practice of yoga brings together the mind/body/spirit connection in a way that no other discipline does. Hatha Yoga is translated as “HA” meaning Sun, Active, Hot, and “THA” meaning Moon, Receptive, Cool. Together, these opposites create a path toward balance, and unite opposites in body, mind and spirit. It will help you relax and focus, while gaining flexibility and strength. Join us to discover the power of the original yoga, Hatha Yoga.
Session 1: Mondays • 9/28-10/26 • 6-7 pm • $45 • Kathy Haulman • Rm: O-109
Session 2: Mondays • 11/2-11/30 • 6-7 pm • $45 • Kathy Haulman • Rm: O-109

Explore Tai Chi
Are you still searching for the perfect exercise form? Come experience the graceful movements of this ancient practice combining exercise, concentration, and body awareness. Tai Chi is a form of moving meditation. The slow gentle form will move almost every joint in your body, with gentle or no impact. No special equipment or clothing is needed to do Tai Chi. This class is good for anyone looking to keep their joints moving, increase their balance or just learn something that is relaxing. This is a class for beginners and you’ll be able to practice the techniques you learn in class at home with a DVD that’s included in your class fee.
Thursdays • 10/1-11/5 • 6-7:30 pm • $99 • Sue Deese • Rm: O-109

Golf Fundamentals: Winter Prep for the Spring Season NEW!
This class is designed for the beginner or inexperienced golfer. We’ll introduce you to all aspects of the game including an overview of golf etiquette, rules of the game, the various clubs in your bag and when to use them, and the movements of putting, chipping, pitching and the positions needed for a full swing. You’ll have an opportunity to practice all these new skills, too. We’ll share ways you can practice indoors throughout the winter months to be ready when the warm winds blow again. Also, there’s no need to buy a set of golf clubs: just bring a putter, a #6 or #7 iron, and a driver (#1 wood). If you’ve always wondered if golf is a sport for you, then take this opportunity to see what you think. Who knows? You might be the star of your company’s summertime golf outing!
Friday & Saturday • 10/2 & 10/3 • 5-7 pm (Friday) & 1-3 pm (Saturday) • $35 •
Ron Davis • Rm: O-109

Yotox: Yoga for Your Face
Really! We saw it first in O Magazine, and now we’re ready to bring it to you. Yotox incorporates yoga poses, acupressure, and breathing exercises that will bring tone and lift to your facial and neck muscles. Like the muscles in other parts of your body, your face muscles absorb and store a lot of stress and tension. If you’re ready to have “vacation face” all the time, then you won’t want to miss this chance to discover easy ways to look more relaxed and younger; and it doesn’t involve needles, plastic or poison! Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.
Monday • 12/7/20 • 6-7 pm • $20 • Kathy Haulman • Rm: O-109