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Happy Houseplants: How Not to Kill Your PlantsNEW

It’s time to give those plants a chance! Join us to learn how to help your houseplants live with specific survival tip[s and simple ways to keep them alive.

Staging Your Home for Sale

Learn the difference between prepping your property and staging your property. Learn the tools and techniques professionals use to garner competitive offers and sell that house!

Staging to Live: Making a House Your Home

Discover the latest home decorating phenomenon—staging to live. Learn how to redecorate your home using your existing furnishings.

Get Obsessed with Thrifting!FUN!

Get ready to have some laughs in this fun, interactive class about thrifting! Our Thrifting Diva, Dana, will give you practical information about turning your personal closet or thrifted finds into a money maker.

Organizing Your Life: Less Stuff, Less StressNEW

Join us to learn how to declutter and stay decluttered! We’ll share proven tips, explain how to permanently organize your closets and drawers, and discuss ways to prevent “dumping” stuff in guest rooms, the basement and garage.

Garden Myths: Truth & FictionNEW

Join us to dive deep into traditional gardening advice and we’ll debunk the myths and misconceptions that abound.

Seed Starting Tips & TricksNEW

Starting plants from seed grants earlier harvests, greater variety, healthier seedlings, lower costs, and an undeniable sense of satisfaction and reward, and we’re here to show you how!