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American Sign Language: ASL Level 1POPULAR 

This 8-week class will introduce you to the basics of ASL, emergency sign language, and the world of Deaf Culture.

The Microbiome: It’s Impact on Every Aspect of Your Health NEW

Join us to discover how the gut works and its role in your body, practical diet and lifestyle advice to support your gut health, and ways to repair, heal, support and revitalize your gut.

Social Security Strategies to Maximize Your Benefits

This informational class will help you understand and clarify your questions about Social Security. You may bring a guest at no additional charge.

Online Dating for WomenNEW

There are many advantages to online dating, but there are also pitfalls. Join us to discover how to become clear on what you’re looking for; how to develop a compelling and honest dating profile; plus safety tips and how to screen profiles.

Understanding Drone Photography: The BasicsNEW

Join an FAA-certified drone pilot to learn what you need to know to get started with aerial drone photography.

The Art of Charcuterie: Cheese Plate Pairing PerfectionNEW

The Cheese guy is ready to share expert tips for perfect cheese plates with creative pairings and condiments that are Instagram and Pinterest worthy!

Organizing Your Life: Less Stuff, Less StressNEW

Join us to learn how to declutter and stay decluttered! We’ll share proven tips, explain how to permanently organize your closets and drawers, and discuss ways to prevent “dumping” stuff in guest rooms, the basement and garage.

Ghosts & The SupernaturalNEW

Join us as we share interesting stories about ghosts and supernatural occurrences like reincarnation just in time for Halloween.

Women’s Health: Heart Smart & Hormonal HarmonyNEW

We’ll share the science that can help you prevent heart disease, as well as explore women’s hormones and their impact on our bodies. Our discussions will include thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, gut disorders and positive food choices.

Great American Fires

Come learn about little know yet important historical fires (like Coconut Grove, Our Lady of Angels and Hinckley), and what makes them worth understanding today.

Women of the Bible: Stories for Today’s WomenNEW

Each timeless biblical story mirrors the challenges and changes women of today face. Join us as we delve into an exploration of the brave, interesting and wise women of the Bible.

Erase Yourself From the InternetNEW

If you want your privacy back, then join us for this workshop where we’ll explain how to shut down intrusive hackers and hidden maps, erase the data gathering done by Google and Amazon, and share how to erase yourself from Facebook, Instagram and even ancestry/genealogy sites.

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